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The Best Fandom Jewelry to Rock Your Halloween Party Look

Did you know that celebrating October 31 is as old as Samhain, the ancient Celtic festival? Thousands of years ago, the Celts lived in the region now known as Ireland. For them, November 1 marked the New Year, when the harvest season and summer ended, and winter began. The dark time of the year was related to death.

According to Celtic belief, the boundary between the abodes of the dead and the living blurred on the night before the New Year, which was October 31. That was when the ghosts of departed family members visited the Earth. Soon, the Celts began celebrating Samhain with offerings of animal sacrifice to appease the gods and by wearing animal costumes. Huge bonfires were lit and Celtic priests made prophecies to give people hope of surviving the dark winter.

As the centuries rolled by, October 31 took on a whole new meaning. Halloween evolved into a night of merry-making, albeit with a spooky theme, with jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating, donning the scariest costumes, and, of course, partying. This year, take your Halloween look to a whole new level with fandom jewelry to stun everyone. Here's a look.

Star Wars Fine Jewelry

Time to bring out your inner dark warrior by dressing up as your favorite Star Wars character. Choose standalone pieces from our collection with a common design and buy them together for a brilliant fandom set.

Women can shop for:

Men can check out:

Also, check out the jewelry designs of the Tie Fighter, Light × Dark, Wookie, Jedi Order, Lightspeed, Dagobah, Mandalorian, Rebel, Imperial, and the Odds. All these come in black diamonds or rhodium and offer the perfect Halloween feel. For a fun twist, encourage your partner to wear unisex Star Wars jewelry in the same design and match your looks perfectly.

Disney-Inspired Jewelry Designs

The world of Disney isn’t all about princesses. It has its fair share of Gothic villains. So, check out exclusive jewelry designs inspired by the tales of myriad characters. Here are some pieces that could be perfect for Halloween.

Maleficent Jewelry

How about styling a black ensemble with a dazzling Maleficent wing jewelry set? Look for standalone rings, earrings, and pendant necklaces in this design. You'll find them in black diamonds, rhodium, and sterling silver for the ultimate dark look. You can also choose ravishing Maleficent jewelry in designs like flames, twisted thorns, horns, black rose, and key silhouettes. To enhance the evil look, check out jewelry in gemstones like onyx or rutile quartz.

Ursula Jewelry

Showcase your strong personality with Ursula-inspired diamond jewelry. A rare Octopus tentacle black rhodium and white diamonds Ursula ring could be a great pick to complete your dark look. Or pick an Ursula necklace with a nautilus shell pendant in black rhodium over sterling silver. Want to wear the powerful trident of the sea? Find the motif in Ursula earrings with a royal amethyst or in a key pendant necklace.

Cruella Jewelry

Show the world you're "born brilliant" with some irresistible Cruella diamond rings. Grab the Cruella de Vil Live Action ring in a striking contrast of garnet and white diamonds on black rhodium and sterling silver. Or to go solely monochromatic and check out the Rebel Heat Live Action ring.

Other Exquisite Pieces

The list doesn't end here. You can also uptrend your Halloween party look in a different way. Choose Disney-inspired jewelry designs radiating the essence of other popular characters, such as:

  • Carriage – Cinderella
  • Shell – Ariel
  • Bow – Snow White
  • Snowflake – Elsa
  • Rose – Belle
  • Dragonfly – Mulan
  • Lotus – Jasmine
  • Magic Lamp – Aladdin
  • Star – Tinker Bell
  • Tiara – Aurora
  • Water lily – Tiana
  • Sun – Rapunzel

Ask your friend or partner to dress up as another character from the same story and create a sensation at the party.

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