Spring 2019 Color Trends


At Jewelili we're atypically happy with this year's fashion palette.  Rather than the normal wash of pastels we have all come to expect during the still-chilly March-May months, this season's palette is warm and transitional. Take a look below at Pantone's official color chart.

'Living Coral' might have been a typical Spring palette's darker shade, but this season it counts among the lighter hues.  The same applies to 'Pepper Stem,' a medium-toned green, and 'Aspen Gold' yellow.  'Sweet Lilac' might be the only true pastel in the range, and it reads well-balanced, if not subdued, looking a bit dusty and romantic next to the other colors. All of that is to say that Spring 2019 is a great time to invest in staple fashion pieces that you'll get plenty of wear out of throughout the Summer season and into early Fall.  

When it comes to accessorizing for the Spring 2019 palette, gemstones in light tones will compliment this season's looks perfectly, adding gentle highlights next to the warmer tones of the clothing.  Consider accenting with diamonds or topaz in shades of champagne or yellow. Jade will add depth or lightness depending on the shade, and peridot will look great if not too vibrant.  In the pink/purples shades, browse Jewelili's assortment of  pink tourmalines and morganite designs, or any shades of amethyst.  Swarovski crystals are another alternative if you want to match the exact shades in your fabrics. Try applying for a brighter punch of color.  Though not shown, navy is this season's go-to dark neutral, so blue diamonds and sapphires will be great seasons basics as well.    Shop Jewelili for a wide selection of blue diamond pieces.  Happy Spring! 

Image courtesy of Pantone