What are we about?

At Jewelili, we pride ourselves in offering high quality fine jewelry at more affordable prices than you will find at most retailers.

How do we do this?

We are backed by one of the worlds largest fine jewelry manufacturers, lending us the expertise of quality craftsmanship, and allowing us to extend extraordinary savings to our customers by eliminating the markups you find in traditional jewelry retail.

In addition to our modern line of every day jewelry essentials, we offer regular flash sales of limited edition styles at special values. We are constantly adding new styles and refreshing our assortment, so that every visit to our site brings our guests a new experience and access to something exclusive.

For the past 25 years, Renaissance Global has been creating incredible jewelry designs for its marquee clients across the globe.Renaissance Global is a highly differentiated luxury lifestyle products company with more than 150 designers with expertise in global fashion trends across the USA, UK, Hong Kong and Dubai.

With our investment in the latest technologies and human talent, we have the ability to craft over 1,000 unique designs per month.Our mastery in both designing and manufacturing, positions us strongly as a competitive player that can succeed in the marketplace consistently. The designs are created by Renaissance Global and they remain the intellectual property of the Company.

Additionally, we are licensees for two global brands – “Hallmark” and “Disney”.Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry is a collection of diamond, gold and gemstone jewelry inspired by the romance of Disney fairy tales. The collection celebrates Happily Ever After with jewelry inspired by Disney Princesses and Villains, Frozen and Tinker Bell. It celebrates a woman’s beauty, elegance, independence, and style, and also, most importantly love.