Jewelry Terms

At Jewelili our jewelry is crafted using both genuine and created materials.  Below are jewelry terms that you may find useful when shopping for fine jewelry.

Bolo - Bolo jewelry is inspired by 'western' style accessories, particularly cowboy hats, which feature two strings threaded through a clasp that can be adjusted in or out to secure the hat straps under one's chin.  Bolo jewelry is typically worn as bracelets or lariat necklaces.

Carat - Carat measures the weight of a gemstone or diamond. It is often abbreviated: 'ct'.

Created Gemstone - When we refer to created gemstones at we're referring to gemstones that have been made using real gemstone materials, and that were not grown or cut from a larger piece as a single natural gemstone would typically be.  Rather, they are man-made, typically either in a lab or using bonding agents out of smaller genuine elements of the same stone.  The jewelry industry does not have hard and fast distinctions when talking about created, synthetic, and simulated gemstones.  We'll be publishing an article about this shorty, but in the meantime, please refer to the Gem Society for more information on the subject.

Genuine Gemstone - Genuine gemstones are gemstones that have been mined directly from the earth and then carved from a larger block of the stone.  Often also called natural gemstones.

Karat - Karat refers to how pure the gold concentration is in the metal alloy used in your jewelry.  It is often abbreviated 'kt,' or 'K'.  Fine jewelry is available in 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, and 24kt.

Natural Gemstone - Like 'genuine' gemstones, 'natural' gemstones are mined directly from the earth and carved from a larger block of gemstone material.  Sometimes stone dealers will heat a natural gemstone to enhance and bring out its color.  If the stone is treated in this way, it is typically no longer referred to as 'natural,' but is still referred to as 'genuine.'

Solitaire -  Solitaire refers to jewelry that features only one stone, usually least a 1/4ct in size.  Solitaire earrings, rings, and pendants are classic everyday  jewelry collection staples and make for easy gifts.