Must Have Cocktail Rings for Women

3 Cocktail Rings That are Perfect for Every Occasion

If you are wearing a cocktail ring, you are making a bold statement wherever you go. These rings are dramatic and eye-catching. They first gained popularity in the 1920s and haven’t lost their charm since then. In fact, they are very on-trend right now, with several celebrities flaunting them with their stylish outfits. And you can’t blame them either. The beauty of these rings lies in their eye-catching designs that allow the wearer to effortlessly express their personality.

Now that cocktail rings for women have become a popular fashion trend, they are not just a fashion statement but more of a fashion staple. The best part is that there are no rules regarding which hand or which finger you should wear the ring on. You can even buy cocktail rings that can be worn in stacks.

There is, however, a big question that remains – can you wear these rings for every occasion? Well, the only thing that might stop you is how comfortable you are wearing them and whether you will be involved in any activity where the cocktail ring might come in the way or get damaged.

But what types of cocktail rings should you buy? Here’s a look at three ring settings and styles that will be perfect to wear on every occasion.

1. Prong Setting

This ring setting has small metal claws that tightly grip the center stone and hold it in place. You can choose the prong design – rounded, flat, pointed, or V-shaped – that best suits your center stone. One of the most preferred ring designs is a white sapphire cocktail ring in sterling silver. This ring setting has a minimum presence of metal and allows you to show off your center stone. It offers a classic, timeless look that you can wear with almost every outfit in your wardrobe. Additionally, this setting makes it easy for you to clean and maintain your ring.

2. Gemstone Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings for women are no longer limited to certain events or parties. You could even wear a large gemstone ring with jeans or for a casual event. This blurring of boundaries should be appreciated because gemstone cocktail rings are some of the most stunning forms of jewelry and there is no reason they shouldn’t be worn more often.

Gemstones are available in a variety of colors and there is something for everyone who loves jewelry. You can choose the ring design according to your style and personality. You can even buy cocktail rings with a specific birthstone or gift them to your loved ones. For instance, you can buy this Green Amethyst with White Diamond Halo Cocktail Ring if you are born in February and want something lavish and eye-catching.

3. Black Cocktail Rings

If you are one of those people who are always looking for a unique yet powerful accessory, you should consider getting a black cocktail ring for your jewelry collection. These rings are bold, stylish and their ornate designs make them ideal for anyone looking for something unique and elegant. You will find black cocktail rings for women mostly made of cubic zirconia. Although these stones are available in several different colors, black is truly unique and stands out because of its versatility.

You can wear a black cocktail ring to a party as confidently as you can wear them to your workplace. What’s more, these rings are usually lightweight and allow you to work on your keyboard all day long without your finger feeling weighed down. Another good thing about this ring is that it matches perfectly with every outfit. So, you will never have to stare at your wardrobe and get confused about how to match your outfit with accessories.

Cocktail rings are getting extremely popular and there is no reason for you to not wear them anywhere you want to. To pull off that perfect look, you can wear your ring on the right hand. However, you should avoid wearing any other accessories on your hands since they can be distracting. And if you are thinking of stacking up your rings, choosing thing rings will be the best bet.

Cocktail rings are perfect to wear on every occasion – you could wear them during the day and/or at night, depending on your ring’s style and design. Although the more extravagant pieces are better suited for cocktail parties or gala events, the lighter and simpler designs are ideal for everyday wear. All you have to do is find the one that matches your style and preference.