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General Care - Your jewelry will stay clean, sparkling, and new looking when you follow these recommendations for general wear and care:
  • Exposure to extreme heat, excessive light, chemicals and ultrasonic, steam or abrasive cleaning should be avoided.
  • We highly recommend removing your jewelry when working with dish soap, hand soap, showering, applying hair products, moisturizers, perfumes...essentially anything that will leave a residue or eat away at a polish or metal finish.
  • We also suggest you remove your jewelry while working out at the gym or during any form of heavy or dirty manual labor (ex. gardening, cleaning). Wearing jewelry at the gym can result in loss of a stone, bending of the metal, or scratching both the metal and stones.

As a rule of thumb, your jewelry should be cleaned gently using only warm water, and dried with a soft cloth. If you need to use a brush, find one that is very soft, like an extra soft bristle toothbrush. If you have concerns, we recommend visiting your local jeweler where they have the expertise and equipment necessary to safely apply a more rigorous cleaning, usually for a small fee.

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Forms of Payment

Jewelili currently accepts all major credit cards including PayPal, Amazon Pay as well as Apple Pay & Google Pay on mobile devices.

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Jewelili is currently registered to collect sales tax in New York State, where our offices are located. Sales tax must be charged to customers purchasing/shipping within New York, but not for residents of other states at this time. We continuously monitors state and local tax laws to ensure compliance. The terms contained herein are subject to change as taxation regulations continue to evolve.