5 Types of Bangles You Should Know About

Bangles can be the ultimate woman's accessory, given the huge amount of choice you have to choose from in terms of designs and styles. There are bangles for every occasion and every type of woman. From the classic diamond-studded bangles for women, with a single row of gemstones, to the chunky cuff bangles that are great for special occasions, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you buy diamond bangles online.

Bangles have been around for generations and their magic still finds a comfortable spot in the modern women’s wardrobe. So, take a look at these 5 trending bangle styles that are a must-have to complete your jewelry collection.

1. Torque Bangles

Torque or Torc bangles have a gap on one side that allows them to be expanded and easily slipped onto the arm, at any level you would like to wear them. The best thing about these bangles is that they don’t fall off the wrist easily, since they are usually smaller in size than the width of the hand.. You can quickly slip them on and off the wrist and they are more comfortable than those with pointed or flattened ends.

It is said that torque bangles were once a status symbol and a sign of wealth and nobility. They are called torque (from the Latin word that means to twist or turn something) because the traditional designs were made from bronze or gold and were twisted before hardened gold was introduced as an alloy. The modern designs can be twisted as well, if the metal is thin. However, the more common torque bangles have a larger gap than the traditional ones, which allows them to slip onto the wrists without any need for twisting. Some of the trendiest designs today consist of diamonds or colored gemstones on sterling silver with smoothed oval ends.

2. Cuff Bangles

These bangles are similar to torques. They too have a gap so you can slip them on and off easily, regardless of the size of your wrist or hand. However, cuff bangles are wider and usually made from flattened and shaped metals, such as gold and silver. These bangles usually have beautiful intricate patterns, typically cut on the flattened metal. Some of these bangles also have contemporary designs with gemstones embedded on a highly polished metal finish. Cuff bangles are great as standalone statement jewelry pieces.

3. Engraved Bangles

Engravings on jewelry are as old as humanity itself. While the Ancient Egyptians used engravings for worshipping and offerings, they are now being used for personalizing the pieces. You will find personalized messages or popular phrases quite often on silver bangles. However, you should remember that on any soft precious metal, such as silver, engravings are a better choice than etching, since etching might disappear with regular wear.

4. Slave Bangles

Don’t get confused by the name. These bangles have a very unique history that is reflected in the modern style. They are mostly made of precious metals, such as silver or gold, and multiple bangles are usually worn at the same time. The thing that sets these bangles apart is that they are thin circles so that they can be worn in large numbers comfortably. It is difficult not to be mesmerized by their bold and enticing charm.

5. Men’s Bangles

Oh yes, you read that right! In fact, men have been wearing bangles for as long as women. They have been an important part of the male culture. They were a status symbol and only the rich wore them in earlier times. These bangles were specially made for men with precious metals and exceptional craftsmanship. In today’s world, you can see men wearing silver cuffs and bracelets, which are considered quite trendy. Celebrities too love showing off their jewelry on the red carpet.

Bangles are a great way to complete your look. With so many designs of bangles for women and men available online, there is something for every individual taste and budget. Whether you want just a metallic design or ones with diamonds, colored gemstones, or both, you will find them all online. So, the next time you go to buy jewelry, don’t settle for the usual. Find something as unique as you!