Understanding Bolo Bracelets

What is a bolo bracelet.

Bolo bracelets are among the most versatile pieces of jewelry and have a very interesting mechanism to be worn. They have been popularized over the years by celebrities across all platforms and in pop culture in recent times. But, where did these bracelets come from and what types of bolo bracelets can you buy online? How can we adapt them to our daily wear? Get the answers to all these questions and more. Read on.

Natural White Round Diamond Bolo Bracelet

What do Bolo Bracelets mean? Origins and Design

If you’ve noticed the Texas Rangers’ uniform, you might have seen them wearing a bolo tie with a pulley clasp on their neck. Well, bolo bracelets are just like these ties but made of metal and gemstones and worn as bracelets on the wrist. Both the ends of the bolo bracelet run through this pulley clasp, which allows the wearer to adjust the size of the bracelet to their wrist or wherever they wish to wear it on their arm. It can be loosened with the help of the pulley clasp when you want to take off. Easy peasy, one size fits all. So now that you know how a bolo bracelet works and the bolo bracelet meaning is understandable and offers an insight into this interesting jewelry piece, it’s easy to decipher how a bolo bracelet works. Not that you need to know how to use or put on a bolo bracelet because it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Bolo bracelets are may be of leather, fabric, or metal, with a central motif or design. This central motif is what made these bracelets so popular in recent times. They come in such a wide variety of designs that you can't stop at buying just one. If you're looking for something more sophisticated, for evening wear, choose from bolo bracelets made in yellow, white, or rose gold, or sterling silver and set with your choice of diamonds or gemstones. You can buy bolo bracelets online across a huge range of prices, which is a huge positive.

Types of Bolo Bracelets Available Online

There is a multitude of options available online but here are our top 5 picks of styles among the latest and trendiest of designs in bolo bracelets, especially diamond bolo bracelets:

1. Three Stone Bolo Bracelets

Three stone bolo bracelets derive from the engagement and wedding bands that have gained popularity in recent times. They basically have three stones, as the name suggests, which stand for the past, present, and future and symbolize eternity. The stones can differ, such as a larger diamond in the center, flanked on both sides with smaller diamonds or gemstone. If you like the concept of three stone rings, then you’ll love these bolo bracelets too. If you already wear a three-stoned ring, you can match it with a three-stoned bolo bracelet.

2. Heart Bolo Bracelet

Sometimes, the diamonds in bolo bracelets are shaped into hearts and sometimes the central element is a heart with diamonds adorning the design. While the significance, in this case, is love, the designs are far more contemporary than the regular single-row diamond bracelets. They are great accessories with evening wear, whether a regular night on the town or a special occasion.

3. Cross Bolo Bracelet

If you are spiritual and wish to demonstrate your faith, then diamond bolo bracelets with a cross design in the middle are perfect for you. Perfect for Sunday church or Christmas and Thanksgiving gifting, you can easily buy these bolo bracelets online. Just make sure that the gemstones are certified.

4. Symbolic Bolo Bracelet

You can also find bolo bracelets online with special symbols as the centerpiece. One of the most popular ones is the “infinity” symbol, which as the name suggests, is basically the concept of limitless or unending. While it can be interpreted as co-existence forever or sharing unending love, the inverted 8 symbol, stretched into an elegant design, makes for stylish jewelry. The other symbols include circles and squares that may not have innate significance but are great for party wear or brunches with the girls.

5. Gemstone Bolo Bracelet

If crosses and hearts are not your thing, there are colored diamonds and gemstones that will definitely attract your attention, especially if they are embedded in an intricate design. They are extremely versatile and can be worn with almost anything, from daily workwear to a date night at a fancy restaurant. Even if you are wearing them with a white blouse and no other accessories, they look good.

Caring for Bolo Bracelets

If you buy bolo bracelets online made of precious metal like gold or silver, and embedded with gemstones, caring for them can enhance their lifespan and keep them looking as good as new for years to come. It is best to store the bracelets in a pouch or box, separate from other pieces of jewelry so that they don’t rub against other metals and develop scratches and abrasions.

If you buy diamond jewelry online at trusted stores like Jewelili, you will receive the item in a high-quality, sophisticated pouch or box that is not just great for gifting but also perfect for storing the bracelet.

You can have the bracelet cleaned at a local jewelry store if you feel the shine has waned over time or simply follow a DIY cleaning routine for diamond jewelry yourself.

Some More Sparkle

What is a bolo clasp?

A bolo clasp is the bolo bracelet’s main design element that makes this style so popular. The clasp is the adjustable closure that ensures that your bracelet not only fits perfectly but remains secure on your wrist.

How to keep a bolo bracelet from sliding?

The bolo bracelet has been designed in such a way that it always fits perfectly and securely with its clasp. Ensure that you clasp it correctly which will prevent it from sliding.

How to tighten a bolo bracelet?

You can use your other hand to tighten your bolo bracelet while it is around your wrist. Otherwise, it’s always a good idea to ask a friend or partner to help you with the same.

How does a bolo bracelet work?

A bolo bracelet is an adjustable bracelet owing to the clasp that slides up and down to secure the jewelry in place around your wrist. It works with an easy mechanism that allows you to alter the size of the bracelet with a simple sliding motion.