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Pearl Diamond Family Necklace

It’s an honor to be gifted an heirloom piece of jewelry that has been passed on for generations. If that hasn’t been the case with you, why not start the tradition by buying just the perfect item that will be treasured for generations? One piece of jewelry that will be just perfect is a diamond necklace. But remember to choose a style that is timeless and will be as loved by your grandchildren.

Confused about which design to pick? Take a look at our top 4 picks of diamond necklaces that make for the perfect family heirloom.

Top 4 Diamond Necklace Picks for Family Heirlooms

Choosing a meaningful design can make the diamond necklace timeless for you and your family. Take a look.

Infinity Symbol Necklaces

1. Infinity Symbol Necklaces

The infinity symbol whether horizontal or vertical in shape is one of our favorite heirloom jewelry pieces. While most of it has to do with the significance of the symbol, we also think the design is eternally stylish, just as its meaning. Infinity signifies an unending loop in time. This concept fits in perfectly with the idea of “family.” This necklace can be handed down from one generation to the next, creating an endless chain of continuity for the family. It helps to create the idea of a limitless bond as well. While the meaning is appropriate, the design is exquisite, with diamonds studded artistically into the design around a focal larger diamond. The solitaire diamond symbolizes unity and perseverance, which is a quality that the older generation inspires and the next generation aspires to. Heirlooms don’t always need to be passed on to blood relations. They can be all about unconditional love.e

Heart-Shaped Necklaces

2. Heart-Shaped Necklaces

Speaking of love, this next pick signifies it universally. Love is the glue that binds the family together. It is this one quality that can overcome the worst obstacles and the toughest situations. Heirloom diamond necklaces with the heart-shaped design, especially in rose gold, are eternal because of their unique design and also the rows of diamonds that signify “being precious.” Yes, love is precious and so is this fabulous design with diamonds and a flamboyant contemporary look that is sure to pass the test of time. But, even as trends die out and fashion changes, the heart pendant remains timeless. Don’t forget to check the details of the necklace, such as the source of the diamonds, their weights, and the metal used.

Designer Pendants with a Solitaire Design

3. Designer Pendants with a Solitaire Design

The solitaire diamond design never goes out of fashion. The single stone in the center symbolizes oneness or unity. Therefore, it fits perfectly with the idea of being the family being a single unit, among the crowds. A gorgeous design of a solitaire diamond acting as the focal point of the jewelry adds to the sense of the mind, heart, and soul of the family members acting as a single unit amidst everything that surrounds them. Even if family members are separated by great distances, in their minds and hearts, they are always together. Also, this design looks great on all types of metal, from white or yellow gold to sterling silver. Sterling silver is a good idea for a piece of heirloom jewelry keeping in mind the longevity of silver. It is also hypoallergenic, making it perfect for family members with skin conditions or sensitivity. While the solitaire stares out like the eye and singularity of your family, onlookers will always be drawn to the design.

Butterfly Diamond Necklaces

4. Butterfly Diamond Necklaces

Who said family heirlooms cannot depict your spirit animal? Butterflies are relatable for many women as a symbol of coming of age, like a caterpillar that metamorphosizes into a beautiful butterfly that can stretch its wings and fly. Being passed on through the generations, a butterfly diamond necklace is ideal for gifting as an heirloom especially at events such as graduation and debutante ceremonies. It can also be the perfect family heirloom passed down the generations on the 18th birthday. Butterflies also signify womanhood and independence, which suits the idea of an heirloom too. The diamonds are intricately embedded in this silver design and create the perfect look to be worn on special occasions or with evening wear. So, they serve the dual purpose of style as well as substance in heirloom jewelry.

If butterflies are not your thing, we have a bonus idea that is eternal too. Cross diamond pendants are also perfect for heirloom jewelry for the spiritually inclined. Whatever your choice, buy diamond jewelry only from a retailer, like Jewelili, that offers certificates for all their gemstones. That will certainly make the necklace worthy of being an heirloom.