4 White Topaz and Quartz Jewelry Options to Wear at a Summer Wedding

Wondering what to wear for a summer wedding? Go for light colors and choose white topaz and quartz jewelry. Topaz is believed to be associated with joy, abundance, love, and good luck. It is thought to promote honesty and openness. Quartz is said to clarify emotions and enhance spiritual growth. According to Japanese mythology, the healing stone is derived from the white dragon's breath and therefore symbolizes purity. These qualities of the gemstones form the foundation of a successful relationship. So, go ahead and send out positive vibes at a summer wedding with white topaz and quartz jewelry, available online at Jewelili at the most affordable rates.

4 White Topaz Jewelry Pieces to Shop Online for a Summer Wedding

White and Blue Topaz Halo Ring

Love topaz jewelry and wish to wear a magnificent wedding ring in this gemstone? Then choose a contrast of white and blue topaz. Get your fiancé to check out our sterling silver halo ring with blue topaz in the center and white topaz on the halo and shank. The gemstones will light up the majestic halo.

London Blue and White Topaz Studs

Jewelili also offers beautiful studs under white topaz jewelry. An amazing pair to wear is our sterling silver studs in white topaz and London Blue topaz, resembling antique mirrors. Wear the earrings on the special day, and you will look like a queen from a bygone era. The studs will also match the ring mentioned above.

Swiss Blue and Topaz Bracelet

Want to sport the same combination of gemstones in a bracelet to match the other topaz jewelry pieces? Then choose our sterling silver bolo bracelet in white topaz and Swiss Blue topaz. The alternating white and blue gemstones look striking.

Clear Crystal and White Topaz Cross Necklace

Is your fiancé planning to surprise you by revealing your wedding ring only on the big day? Then you can wear white topaz jewelry since it can pair with any color of gemstones. Check out our sterling silver cross pendant necklace in white topaz and clear crystal. If you wish to sport a minimal look, ditch other jewelry pieces and make a statement with this necklace.

4 Quartz Jewelry Pieces to Shop Online for a Summer Wedding

Green Quartz and Clear Crystal Ring

Getting ready for a summer wedding? Don’t hesitate to add more bling. If you like oversized rings, ask your fiancé to take a look at our quartz jewelry online, especially the sterling silver green quartz ring lined with clear crystal. The green quartz will add a pop of color to your all-white look.

White Sapphire and White Quartz Necklace

Planning a white-tie or black-tie wedding? Then adorn yourself with our sterling silver necklace with white sapphires leading to a white quartz teardrop pendant. The large pear-cut white quartz will be the center of attention on your neck and look simply royal. So, check out this quartz jewelry piece online on our website.

Green Quartz and White Sapphire Studs

Want to sport a classy pair of studs at your wedding? We have just the right quartz jewelry piece at our online store. It's our pair of sterling silver checkerboard studs in green quartz encircled with white sapphire. The checkerboard design is sophisticated and ideal for a formal wedding.

White Quartz and White Sapphire Danglers

For an elegant pair of earrings, check out our yellow gold over sterling silver white quartz danglers bordered with white sapphire. The cushion-cut white quartz glows in the center, and the white sapphires form a halo around it. Shop for this quartz jewelry piece online and look regal on your wedding day.

Whether you're the bride-to-be or a guest invited to a summer wedding, you can wear these jewelry pieces. You can also check out other gemstone jewelry from the wide range of designs we offer. And don’t forget to check our discounts, free shipping, and 30-day easy return. Start shopping now!

Some More Sparkle

What do quartz and topaz symbolize?

This gemstone is believed to soothe and heal the wearer as well bring wealth, love, protection and strength to them.

Are topaz and quartz the same?

No, there is a slight difference between the two. They differ in chemical composition, density and weight. Topaz is also considered more valuable than quartz.