Spring Wedding Jewelry Guide 2022

A garden-fresh flower catching the warm summer sun and the smell of fresh love in the air -that’s what an ideal picture of spring looks like, isn’t it? With Spring 2022 in full bloom, we can all agree that it makes for a beautiful backdrop for a fairytale wedding. It is the time of the year when vibrant colors are making their appearance all around us and beauty is seen in all the little things, everywhere. Taking a leaf out of the season, we bring to you the top jewelry picks for a splendid Spring wedding this year. Inspired by the pretty florals that strike a perfect pose in full bloom, these floral designs are capturing hearts –yours too!

Blooming Love

Love is in the air and what better way to celebrate it than with blooming flowers on the ears? Our Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry Belle Rose Earrings accented with 1/5 CTTW diamonds set in 14K Rose Gold makes for the perfect accompaniment to a beautiful Spring day. The rose gold adds finesse to the design making it great way to let your ears sparkle on your special day.

For the woman who likes a minimalistic chic look, the Made For You Diamond Earrings accented with 1/6 CTTW Lab-Grown diamonds set in Sterling Silver make for a great purchase and will complement your day or night look with ease. Cheers to the bride and groom and their love with a sparkle! What has us smiling some more is the fact that this design is studded with Lab-grown diamonds which are conflict-free, sustainable, and pocket-friendly. What a lovely way to shine, isn’t it?

Catch your attention

Let your fingers do the talking with our Jewelili Cluster Ring accented with 3/4 Cttw Natural White Round Diamonds set in 10K White Gold. Spring 2022 is all about flowers making an impression and nothing spells beauty like a cluster full of blooming flowers. Add a touch of drama to the bridesmaid dress with this ring that elevates your mood with just the thought of a happy spring day.

Reconnect with nature and get in touch with your feminine side with this Jewelili Cocktail Ring accented with Diamonds and Created Opal set in Sterling Silver. Apt for a cocktail party or a wedding reception dinner, this design is sure to give your outfit a stylish upgrade. It also makes for a perfect gift for all those October babies – oh! What a lovely way to wear your October birthstone.

Color me pretty

Add a splash of color to your pastel or white color outfit with this Jewelili ring accented with 1/4 Cttw Treated Blue Diamonds and Natural White Diamonds set in Sterling Silver. A classic that all will love to adorn, this is one ring that makes a subtle but impactful effect on your look.

Some more sparkle

What does the flower pendant symbolize?

A flower pendant is said to bring positive energy to the wearer and symbolizes happiness, affection, and gratefulness owing to its ability to spread fragrance and joy wherever they are.

Why choose a flower engagement ring?

A striking symbol of love, a flower engagement ring is the purest form of love, etched in one of the strongest metals available to us. It is also said to denote innocence.

How do you pick jewelry for a spring wedding?

Keep in mind that your jewelry should complement your outfit and not steal the spotlight. Neither should it be too overpowering nor should it be completely missed. Perfect for a spring wedding, opt for floral motif jewelry that will spread love and warmth, just like a blooming flower.

Can I wear gemstone jewelry at a spring wedding?

Of course! Your jewelry is a reflection of your unique personality so you should wear what makes you feel good. Also, spring is a great time to bring out the colors, and what better way to showcase your vibrant personality than gemstones! They look great especially with floral motifs to easily bring out the Spring mood.