Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas That You Could Choose for Your Spring Wedding

A wedding ring has more than a ritualistic role to play at your wedding. It's a richly symbolic piece that you give your partner-to-be. It acts as an emblem of your endless love and commitment. But how can you make it more meaningful and intimate? By engraving some special words on your rings. This could be your initials, a significant date, a song title, or anything special to just the two of you.

Engraving rings isn't a new concept. The custom traces its origins to Mediaeval Europe when royal couples exchanged rings with engravings of religious quotes, poetry, and marriage vows. You can engrave any jewelry item and personalise to suit the occasion or the person you are gifting it to.

Spring-Specific Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

A Touching Wish

You're going to start a new journey with your beloved. So, make a wish for you to prosper together. For something suitable for the spring wedding season, engrave "Spring Into New Beginnings" on our sterling silver wedding band in white sapphire and emerald. Emerald, the gemstone of spring symbolizes renewals and will be apt for the ring.

A Romantic Feeling

You can also engrave a spring-inspired romantic thought on our sterling silver floral wedding ring for women in blue and white diamonds. For instance, you could engrave "Blooming with Love.

Your Song

You can also think of a song that you both love. If your song is related to flowers or spring, it will be perfect. Examples are La Vie En Rose and Spring Affair. Have such a song title inscribed on our white gold diamond flower cluster wedding ring for women.

A Witty Yet Romantic Phrase

Want something different from the usual “I Heart You” engraving? Go the funny route with engravings like “Better Than Bacon” or even "April Fools in Love" if that’s when you first started dating or are getting married. Inscribe the words on our rose gold over sterling silver diamond heart wedding ring for women. It would be both witty and romantic. You can also do it with our sterling silver diamond love cutout wedding ring. Inscribe the words, "I love you tulip much" on it.

A Mutual Fandom Quote

Are you both Star Wars fans planning a May wedding? Then engrave "May the Force Be With Us" on the Star Wars Threepio Series yellow gold diamond wedding band for women.

General Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Your Initials

Simple yet romantic, couples have conventionally inscribed their initials on rings for centuries. You can do the same on our white gold diamond men's wedding band.

An Important Date

Never say, "Oops! I forgot our anniversary date!" Inscribe your wedding date on our sterling silver diamond infinity wedding ring for women.

A Special Message

Think of romantic phrases in Latin, Italian or French like Amore (Love), Je t’aime (I love you), and Semper Amemus (Our love is eternal). Carve them on our sterling silver diamond half eternity wedding band.

A Movie Quote

Use a quote from your favorite movie. A popular example is "To me you are perfect," from the 2003 film, Love Actually. Engrave it on our yellow gold over sterling silver men's diamond wedding band.

A Vow

Keep it short yet heartwarming like "For Better or For Worse" or "To Have & To Hold." Inscribe it on the white gold knot wedding ring in lab-grown diamonds.

At Jewelili, you can shop for enthralling diamond and gemstone wedding rings for women and men. We even offer official fandom rings of renowned franchises, such as Disney and Star Wars. So, choose your favorite rings and get them engraved with something intimate. You can shop for rings at highly competitive prices and attractive discounts and enjoy free shipping. You can use our guide to measure the ring size. Refer to the international ring size chart and choose the right size from multiple options for the perfect fit. In case the ring still doesn't fit, you can return it easily within 30 days of placing your order.

Some More Sparkle

Which metals can be easily engraved?

Hard metals like platinum are difficult to engrave. Jewelili offers rings of yellow, white, and rose gold, and sterling silver, which are easy to engrave on. For a gold ring, choose one with a high karat of gold. The more the percentage of gold, the softer the metal will be and, therefore, will be easier to engrave.

Where should the inscription go on the ring?

Ideally, the inside of a ring's shank is engraved. Choose a ring/band with a broad shank if you want to engrave a long phrase or part of a poem.