2022 Trend Alert: Two Stone Engagement Rings That You Need Now!

Do you know when they said two is better than one? It is! For the bride-to-be who likes to sparkle with double the fun, two stone engagement rings are a trend alert that is for you. Or if Megan Fox is on your radar (we know she is on ours) owing to the gorgeous sparkler she sports on her finger, then you just have to get with this trend. Our hearts are doubly full with the gorgeous design and grace that the two stone engagement rings offer. What we love about this trend is that there are no set rules, so you can have a Two stone engagement ring that truly symbolizes you and your relationship. Each stone can tell a story or each shape can represent something about the two of you. It is also a good idea to have one as a birth or precious color stone and one diamond! You can even opt for a Lab Grown Engagement Ring in sync with your conscious side. We also love that this is a trend that works well with any setting, style, and budget as it’s really all about you!

You and me, as unique as can be

Also known as Toi et Moi rings (time to brush up your French as it literally translates to “you and me”) these Toi Et Moi engagement ring settings are a great way to express your unique style. Just like the love between you two, this style of the ring features two gemstones in a warm embrace, ah, so romantic! A timeless union, a graceful appeal, and an exciting design make this style a popular one today.

Just like our Jewelili Two Stone Ring accented with 1/4 Cttw Treated Blue Diamonds and White Diamonds set in Sterling Silver which is a classic design that offers simplicity and sophistication.

Two stones. Two tone

Another great option is the Jewelili Promise Ring accented with 1/6 Cttw Natural White Diamond set in10K White and Rose Gold that just catches your eye with its elegant two-tone polish. A playful array of diamonds subtly border the two sparkling diamonds in the center while the rose gold playfully catches your eye.

Classic Love

For those who love playing with the classics, the Made for You Diamond Ring accented with Gold 1/6 CTTW Lab-Grown Diamond set in 14K Yellow Gold offers two sparkling lab-grown diamonds facing each other in glossy gold vermeil. This is what elegance looks like, wrapped around your finger.

A soulful union

Another great option is the Jewelili Bypass Engagement Ring accented with 1/10 Cttw Natural White Diamond set in 10K White Gold which symbolizes the true union of two souls with a dramatic twist that engulfs both the diamonds in sparkling white gold polish.

Vintage Touch

If contrast is more your taste, the Jewelili Engagement Ring accented with 1/10 Cttw Diamonds set in Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver is a sincerely tasteful rendition of a swirl design. With a quiet vintage appeal, it truly is a charming design to flaunt your love with.

When the need of the hour calls for something that is as special and of course as different as your relationship, opt for a two-stone diamond ring. You never know, it truly could be the most unique “yes” you have ever said.


What is the romantic meaning behind Toi et Moi rings?

Bringing alive the sentiment of love, the French phrase Toi et Moi literally translates into you and me. Symbolizing the union of two souls into one, this ring design incorporates two gemstones to create a harmonious jewelry design that represents a life together.

What is a 2 stone ring called?

Keeping with the month of love and the concept of romance, 2 stone rings are called Toi et Moi rings which literally translates into you and me. A welcome revival of this timeless design, Toi et Moi engagement rings are a hot trend amongst couples these days.

Which celebrities own a two-stone engagement ring?

Two stone engagement rings or Toi et Moi engagement rings are oh so common amongst celebrities these days so it comes as no surprise that Emily Ratajkowski, Ariana Grande, and most recently Megan Fox amongst others all showcase their fancy designs with pride.