Solitaire Rings for Women

Ready to pop the question? As you plan your fairytale proposal, let the engagement ring be the perfect symbol of your everlasting love and commitment. How could she say no when you pick a timeless design like a solitaire diamond ring? You can choose a unique style from a range of designs that will leave her impressed with your taste in jewelry. To make the right choice, here’s what you need to know about engagement rings.

The difference in these classic rings comes from the setting of the diamond or gemstone at the center. Some highlight the sparkle of the stone, while others make it look more enchanting, and then there are settings that maximize the size. They are, without a doubt, the most popular style of engagement rings and will never go out of style.

If you are looking for an engagement ring, here are the top 6 solitaire ring designs that you can choose from and personalize according to your partner’s taste.

1. Trellis

If your love is strong and your bond is unbreakable, then this ring is the perfect choice. They are quite sturdy with their crisscross prongs tightly keeping the center stone in place. The crisscross pattern is visible from the sides and it looks as if the diamond is held in place in a carefully crafted nest of metal.

This setting adds character to your engagement ring. It is also quite different from the usual pronged setting. If you are looking for something truly different, then trellis solitaire engagement rings are a good choice.

2. Cathedral

These solitaire engagement rings have a unique setting as well, which comes to a peak at the top, near the diamond. You can see that the diamond is being held in its place with sweeping arches of metal that frame it on either side. If you look closely, you will find that this ring setting mimics the elegance and grace of a cathedral. Hence, the name “cathedral” for this ring setting.

If you are looking for a sturdy setting that appears elegant and doesn’t break the bank, then this is the engagement ring to buy online. The arches highlight the center diamond while accentuating its appearance. So, it looks bigger than it actually is.

3. Bezel

If you care deeply about your relationship, then this ring setting signifies exactly that. It is the most secure diamond setting available. The diamond is held safely by being encircled within a metal rim, which extends slightly above its girdle. This provides extra protection to the center stone.

You can also choose this ring style if your partner has a very active lifestyle. With that extra protection, you will never have to worry about any damage to the diamond. Another benefit of this ring setting is that you can customize the entire ring. It offers great flexibility and you can even add wedding band styles, such as diamond intensive or simple bands, just below the bezel set.

4. Knife-Edge

Do you think you have already found the perfect ring? Wait, there’s more to choose from. Knife-edge solitaire engagement rings are the classiest ring style. The "knife-edge" is actually the two slanted sides on the ring that meet at a point on the top. It provides a narrow and delicate look to the shoulders of the ring. It also highlights the gorgeous diamond and gives it a delicate appearance. If your love, too, is delicate yet bold, then this knife-edge style is what you should choose.

5. Wide Band

This ring style has a band that is of the same width as the diamond. You will notice that the two sides of the metal meet at the diamond, but don’t pinch in. They make it appear as if everything is continuous and highlight the metal band from all sides.

Although you may not find a place for a diamond in this ring setting, there is no denying that the ring will look very modern and unique. If your love is infinite and completes both of you, this fluid ring design should be a great way to pay homage to it by gracing her finger.

6. Vintage Inspired

For all the old-school lovers out there, who believe in the power of timeless love, this inspired solitaire engagement ring will rightly depict your personality. No two vintage designs are the same and you will find intricate details on all of them. This fine work is a mark of the exceptional craftsmanship that is characteristic of diamond jewelry.

Your partner will be the center of attention with everyone dying to know more about the history behind her captivating ring. Your search for a unique and everlasting style will stop right here with these vintage designs.

You just can’t go wrong with a proposal if you have a stunning solitaire engagement ring in your hand. These rings are the purest representation of your love, trust, and eternal commitment. Choose the perfect design from a wide selection of superior quality rings available at Jewelili at competitive prices. Your chosen ring will show her that the happiness and love in her life are meant to last forever.