She Said Yes! 4 Rings That Are Perfect for That Dreamy Proposal

Are you ready to get that perfect ring for that special someone? Firstly, congratulations! You are about to start a beautiful journey and we know preparing for that memorable proposal can be exciting. While you are lost in the romance of it all and your brain keeps flooding you with crazy ideas about the engagement ring, let us help you pick the right one.

Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be confusing. Do you pick that exquisite solitaire diamond engagement ring or choose a three-stone ring that symbolizes eternal love? Some styles are simple, light, and elegant and represent timeless beauty, while others are bolder and more eye-catching and may just fit your partner’s personality perfectly.

So, take a look at some of the best styles of diamond and gemstone engagement rings to choose from with the perfect setting to last a lifetime. And, if you're worried about the budget, do your shopping online, where you can choose from a wide range of price tags, diamonds and gemstones, and even discounts.

Here are our top 4 recommendations for engagement ring settings.

1. Prong Setting

This one is the most classic engagement ring setting. It has a small metal claw that tightly grips the stone and holds it in place. The prongs can be rounded, flat, pointed, or V-shaped (the latter one is ideal for princess-cut diamonds). This ring setting has a minimum presence of metal, allowing you to show off that sparkling diamond or gemstone to its best.

Why Choose the Prong Setting?

  • It elevates the diamond to offer a classic, timeless look
  • It allows more light to pass through the gemstone and enhances the stone’s brilliance
  • It can support and complement different diamond shapes and sizes
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain.

2. Bezel Setting

This is another popular ring setting that offers both a modern look and is suitable for an active lifestyle. Unlike the prong setting, the metal encircles the center stone with the help of a thin rim, specifically designed to keep that stone in place. This gives the gemstone a more secure hold than the prong setting. You could choose a full setting, where the bezel completely surrounds the stone, or a partial setting that leaves the sides open.

Why Choose the Bezel Setting?

  • It tightly holds the gemstone while offering a sleek, modern look
  • It prevents any damage to the stone, making it an excellent choice for active lifestyles
  • It won’t snag on her dresses or other materials
  • It is easy to clean and maintain

3. Pavé Setting

This ring setting has several small diamonds placed together. They are tightly kept in their place with tiny metal beads or prongs that are hardly visible on the ring. Your jeweler might refer to this setting as a micro-pave setting if the diamonds are smaller than 0.01-0.02 carats. The tiny beads or mini-prongs in this ring setting create a unique effect of continuous sparkle in your diamonds.

Why Choose the Pavé Setting?

  • It highlights the gemstones or diamonds
  • It enhances the ring’s overall brilliance with side stones
  • It can be customized in a modern or vintage design.

4. Halo Setting

This kind of ring setting has diamonds placed in a circle (or a square) surrounding the center stone. They can be customized in several interesting shapes. For instance, you can design it to look like a flower. You can also customize them as per your budget. You can save money by choosing smaller-carat diamonds with a gemstone, such as sapphire, emerald, ruby, etc., as the center stone. Or, you can be extravagant with a double halo setting that has two concentric circles of diamonds (or other gemstones) surrounding the center stone.

Why Choose the Halo Setting?

  • It enlarges the appearance of a smaller-carat center diamond
  • It tightly holds the center stone and protects it
  • It can support and complement different diamond shapes and sizes
  • You can add contrast with a halo of colored gemstones.

Choose a ring setting that perfectly matches your style and preference and suits your partner’s lifestyle. If you have decided on your engagement ring setting, the rest will be much easier. Look for a center stone (you can’t go wrong with a diamond) that complements the ring style and is well-supported by its setting. Now that you have your perfect ring, just get on your knees and say those magical words. And, let her heart skip a beat as she says YES!