Jewelry Styling Tips to Grace a Summer Wedding

A wedding ceremony is incomplete without the guests. It is they who bring their best wishes for the couple-to-be and make the day even more meaningful and special. How the guests present themselves at the event is equally important.

Are you all set to be part of the wedding of a loved one this summer? Look your best and send the most positive vibrations to the bride and groom by wearing symbolic shapes and gemstones in jewelry. They will complete your look with elegance and add to the glamor of the occasion.

But how should you style them? For that, here are our top diamond and gemstone jewelry ideas and styling tips.

Symbolic Shapes – Matching the Design


The tiny butterfly carries several powerful symbols. It stands for metamorphosis, evolution, growth, new beginnings, joy, hope, illumination, and colors. So, butterfly jewelry can represent the beginning of a new chapter for two lovers and the hope, light, and joy that will come into their life.

It's ideal to strike a balance in your look with matching jewelry without overdoing it to not take the spotlight away from the bride and groom. So, choose our sterling silver diamond butterfly pendant necklace with our matching sleek diamond butterfly bracelet. Alternately, you can sport our sterling silver diamond butterfly stud earrings with our matching diamond butterfly ring. The diamond jewelry pieces will match any color of outfit you choose to wear for the wedding.


The cross is another meaningful jewelry shape. It represents new beginnings and divine blessings. So, cross jewelry can certainly send good vibrations on the wedding day. For something graceful, you can try our sterling silver twisted cross diamond pendant necklace. Pair it with our matching sterling silver cross diamond bolo bracelet. You can adjust the bolo bracelet for a loose or snug fit, depending on the formality of your outfit. Such diamond jewelry can be a good choice for a black-tie dress code.


The delicate flower also carries myriad symbols. It signifies growth, innocence, love, youth, purity, loyalty, and chastity. These elements are tied closely not just to summer but also to a wedding. So, floral jewelry could be perfect for a summer wedding.

You can wear our matching sterling silver flower dangle earrings and ring in diamonds and opals. The sparkling gems come in a pear cut to mimic the petals of flowers. You will look resplendent in this diamond jewelry set with a touch of feminine elegance.

Summer Gemstones – Matching the Color

Pearl – June Wedding

Pearl is the June birthstone, and June is the first month of summer. So, you can wear pearl jewelry for a serene summer look. Pearls symbolize chastity, faith, purity, love, and commitment, all of which make up the foundation of a good marriage. Express your belief in this foundation by wearing pearl jewelry at the wedding. You can choose our rose gold over sterling silver pearl pendant necklace and stud earrings.

Ruby – July Wedding

Ruby is the birthstone of July, the second month of summer. The vivid red gem portrays love, affection, and commitment. Grace the wedding with these elements by wearing our yellow gold over sterling silver ruby heart ring, studs, and pendant necklace set. The vibrant set will look elegant for an evening event.

Peridot – August Wedding

Peridot is the birthstone of August, the last summer month. The gemstone depicts vitality, good luck, health, harmony, and prosperity. Bless the wedding with these qualities by sporting our sterling silver peridot pendant necklace, earrings, and ring. They will make you shine at a morning wedding ceremony.

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Some More Sparkle

What kind of minimalistic jewelry can I wear at a summer wedding?

You can wear our diamond solitaire jewelry for the most minimal look.

Can you suggest gemstone jewelry ideas for day and evening wedding parties?

Consider light-colored gemstone jewelry for a day wedding and vibrant or darker colors for an evening event. Diamond jewelry can be appropriate in both cases. Just choose simpler or smaller jewelry designs for a day event and more intricate or larger ones for an evening party.

Can I also buy jewelry for brides, bridesmaids, and grooms at Jewelili?

Sure! You can buy diamond and gemstone jewelry for brides, grooms, and bridesmaids at our website.