5 Wedding Jewelry Essentials for Every Bride

Time to say, "I do"? Then it’s also time to look your gorgeous best for your dream wedding. Jewelili is here with everything you need to add sparkle to your look. Here are our recommendations for wedding jewelry essentials to complete your look on the special day with charm and elegance.

A Meaningful Wedding Ring

Of course, it's the primary wedding jewelry essential for a bride! Modern-day brides-to-be often want their fashion preferences to be taken into account when choosing the bridal ring. Are you one of them? Then assist your fiancé to choose the ideal ring for you. Help him with specifications, such as the ring size of diamond wedding rings for women, metals like white gold or rose gold, and the gemstone you prefer.

You can easily find wedding rings in different metals on our website. But for something unique yet symbolic, here's a suggestion to help you. Check out our sterling silver diamond heart wedding ring for women in sterling silver, yellow gold, and rose gold. The tri-tone metal combination of the ring will hook all eyes on you. If your wedding theme is formal, go for white metals, like silver or white gold.

Before choosing a ring, take some important steps. Download and follow our guide to measure the ring size. Refer to the international ring size chart for men and women on the product page of the ring you love. Then choose the suitable ring size from the given options. This applies to both diamond and gemstone wedding rings for women and men. You can follow the same steps to choose the groom's ring.

A Charming Necklace

Level up your bling as much as you and highlight the neckline of your wedding dress with the perfect necklace. If you want to match the design of your diamond wedding ring, choose our sterling silver diamond double heart pendant necklace. The two entwined hearts will depict the loving bond between you and your groom. If it is a white-tie or black-tie wedding, the white metal necklace will perfectly suit the theme.

A Pair of Diamond Solitaire Studs

Nowadays, even brides love to sport a stunning ear stack. If you want to do the same, you'll first need a pair of solitaire studs. What should be the gemstone? If you wish to stay with diamonds just like your wedding ring for women, choose diamonds again. Check out our white gold diamond solitaire stud earrings. Since a ear stack ideally has a graduated look, keep in mind to pick smaller earrings for the ear holes at the back.

A Scintillating Pair of Drops

If you're stacking with other earrings, this should be the center of attention as the main pair of earrings. While choosing the metal, gemstone, and design of the earrings, keep in mind the other jewelry pieces that you'll wear at your wedding. For instance, to match your diamond wedding ring for women, you can choose our white gold diamond heart drop earrings. This ultra-sleek pair will delicately drop below your earlobes and bring attention to your stunning neckline. Since they're minimalistic, they can strike a balance with an intricately designed dress.

A Sleek Bracelet

If you choose to wear multiple wedding jewelry pieces, keep most of them simple and subtle. Then they won't steal the spotlight from your wedding dress and ring. Just like the earrings, you can also go minimal with the bracelet. However, don't forget to match your look while keeping in mind your diamond wedding ring for women. In this case, a good pick would be our sleek sterling silver diamond heart bracelet.

At Jewelili, you can shop for wedding jewelry in myriad designs besides the iconic heart. You can even mix meaningful designs like three-stone, two-stone, knot, and eternity. Shop for them at the most competitive prices and amazing discounts, along with free shipping and 30-day easy returns. Maximize your shopping benefits at Jewelili and glow in your dream bridal look.

Some More Sparkle

Can I buy a matching wedding jewelry set?

Sure! You can check out our matching jewelry sets. They're available in various designs, like infinity, twist, cluster, solitaires, and more. You can even choose similar standalone pieces and match them. For that, check out fandom jewelry like Disney and Star Wars.

What if the wedding ring doesn't fit my finger?

Just request a return on our website within 30 days of placing the order for the ring.

Can I shop for wedding rings for men?

Certainly! We also offer wedding rings in a variety of designs and gemstones.