Win Her Instant

Ready to make the ultimate commitment and propose to your special someone this holiday season? Whether you wish to propose to her during a White Christmas, on New Year's Eve, or in any other special way, start with choosing a unique engagement ring for women from our awe-inspiring collection. If you impress her, she'll reward you with a hearty "Yes"!

Our collection of rings is available in not just diamonds but different gemstones and a blend of delightful metals. Plus, there is a huge range of price tags to choose from. To help you get value for money, we offer discounts through the year on Jewelili's designs.

So, take advantage of the special holiday discount and check out the impressive collection of diamond jewelry online to choose diamond and gemstone engagement rings or bridal rings for women. You can even shop for a splendid ring for yourself to illuminate the engagement day together!

Engagement Rings for Women

Traditional Designs

Don’t forget to check the attractive discounts on our own engagement rings for women, including:

  • Amethyst and white sapphire ring: Amethyst oozes royalty. So, make her feel like a Princess on the special day by proposing to her with an exquisite white sapphire and amethyst ring.
  • White sapphire and opal three-stone ring: Opal depicts fidelity, good luck, and hope. Weave these three symbols in a stunning three-stone engagement ring embellished with opal and white sapphire.
  • White sapphire halo ring: The halo design is an irresistible feature in a ring. Shop for a dazzling white sapphire halo ring in rose gold over sterling silver to leave her spellbound.

Fandom-Based Designs

We are offering regular discounts on fandom-based engagement rings for women, such as those inspired by:

  • Disney's Cinderella: Imagine a ring designed like the magical carriage of Cinderella. Check out the sterling silver Cinderella diamond engagement ring and sweep your special lady off her feet.
  • Disney's Jasmine: On the special day, plan to win her heart with an Arabesque fashion ring. Tell her, "Let me share this whole new world with you," with an exquisite Jasmine ring in yellow and white gold.
  • Disney's Belle: Shower rose petals on her on the big day as you slip on her finger a Belle diamond engagement ring carved into a rose. In a combination of rose gold and white gold, the ring's charm is matchless.
  • Disney's Snow White: Planning to propose to her this Christmas? Take her for a stroll in the snow to an area that you have decorated with rose petals leading to a table with a bottle of champagne and glasses. Make it more exciting with a charming Snow White engagement ring in red garnet.
  • Disney's Maleficent: Does your beloved love Gothic jewelry? Then surprise her with a Maleficent ring adorned with black spinel and diamonds in rose gold and sterling silver.
  • Star Wars R2 Series: Coming to Gothic glam, go a step ahead and capture her heart with a Star Wars R2 Series ring sparkling in blue sapphire and white diamonds.

Bridal Rings/Sets for Women

Classic Designs

Get value for money with unbelievable discounts on bridal sets, such as:

Fandom-Based Designs

You can get our regular discounts on fandom-inspired bridal sets, such as:

  • Disney Ariel bridal set: Imagine touches of rose gold on a white gold bridal set designed with Ariel’s seashell! You can get all that in an Ariel bridal set to woo your special someone just like her prince would.
  • Disney Majestic Princess bridal set: She is a royal princess herself, right? Emulate the feeling with the majestic princess diamond bridal ring set to uniquely spin the fairytale of your love.

Jewelili ensures that your online shopping of diamond and gemstone jewelry is easy, satisfying, and rewarding. So, for every ring, we provide a size chart with options to use a measuring string or printable options of a chart convertible into a measurer. Take advantage of our free shipping and easy returns.