Give Her Your Heart in a Sparkling Promise Ring

The Holiday season is upon us. What better time could there be to give your relationship a special status? This Christmas or New Year, why not commit to your love with a unique promise ring and strengthen your bond.

If you’re looking for amazing designs in diamond or gemstone promise rings for women, you’ve come to the right place. There is something for every type of woman and every budget in our vast collection of rings. And, if you shop now, you can also get overreaching discounts. We have curated a special holiday gift guide for the Holiday season. So, you can also buy some additional diamond jewelry for her in advance now.

So, take a look at our mesmerizing collection of promise rings for women.

Jewelili's Designs

Diamond Love Promise Ring

Promise her that your love will be endless with this ring. This promise ring is carved to read "Love" at the center to successfully convey your romantic message for her. Crafted in sterling silver, the ring is an absolute beauty and will is sure to impress her.

Diamond Accents 3 Stone Ring

Want to dedicate your past, present, and future to her and promise to be together forever? Express just that with this stunning three-stone ring in diamond accents. It comes in yellow gold over sterling silver to enhance your beloved's radiance.

Opal and Sapphire Heart Promise Ring

Imagine a gemstone heart glowing in the center of a ring with a promise of fidelity. That's exactly what you get in this opal promise ring for women. A thin line of white sapphires guards the heart-shaped opal in the sterling silver ring. If you wish to buy an all-gemstone ring for her, this ring can be a brilliant choice.

Amethyst and Diamond Accents Ring

Does your girlfriend love the color of rose gold? Then shop for this ravishing rose gold promise ring online. It features glittering round diamonds and amethyst in a spectacular pear cut, glowing with royalty. Gift her this ring to treat her royally with your precious words of promise.

Champagne and White Diamond Band Ring

You can also check out another gorgeous ring in rose gold. That's this rose gold band embellished with a contrast of white and champagne diamonds. The shank is carved into a striking crisscross design. Your girlfriend will marvel at the fashion appeal of the ring while her heart melts at your commitment.

Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry Designs

Cinderella Ring

Looking for promise rings for women that reflect a fairytale love story? Then gift her Cinderella's carriage with an enchanting Cinderella promise ring adorned with diamonds and blue topaz. The ring comes in a combination of white and yellow gold for a lovely two-tone gold look. Be her Prince Charming and make a promise of your love to her with this ring.

Belle Ring

You also can't miss the contrast of white and rose gold. So, check out the Belle diamond promise ring in rose gold and white gold. It shines with a blushing rose in the center and can be a delicate token of your promise to her.

Snow White Ring

In the blend of white gold and rose gold again, you can choose the Snow White diamond promise ring for her too. Surrounded by diamonds, a shining rose gold bow highlights the center and resembles the iconic bow of Snow White. With this ring, add some glow to your promise and touch her heart straightaway.

Tinker Bell Ring

Want to immerse her in a celestial glow? Then pick the Tinker Bell diamond promise ring for her. It showcases a dazzling diamond-studded star in the middle and is crafted in sterling silver. You can decorate the room with green balloons and Tinkerbell graphics on the walls to make the event even more special. The ring will convey that she has magically changed your life.

Elsa Ring

If you wish to promise your love during the snowy holiday season, do it perfectly with the Elsa snowflake promise ring. It features a shimmering snowflake to set the mood for a wintry proposal or promise with a hint of fantasy.

We make your shopping experience of diamond and gemstone jewelry simple and rewarding. That's why the rings at Jewelili come with a size chart. The chart offers the option for using a measuring string or you can print the measurer. So, shop online for a unique promise ring. With our free shipping and easy returns, the experience is completely hassle free.