How to Choose an Engagement Ring

So, the big day is approaching. Worried how to get it right when shopping for an engagement ring for her? Don’t worry. Whether you’re looking for a gemstone or diamond engagement ring for women, here’s a detailed buying guide to help you choose the right one like a pro.

Choose the Metal

The first step is to decide the metal you would want for the engagement ring. Does she prefer gold or silver? If gold, would you prefer yellow, white, or rose gold? Simply observe her fashion taste to learn her preferences. On the other hand, you could choose your favorite metal or something that you think will look great on her. For instance, sterling silver or white gold is great for cool skin tones while yellow or rose gold works well for a warm undertone.

Diamonds or Gemstones?

It's also important to know whether your special lady is fond of only diamond jewelry or likes colored gemstones as well. If she loves a splash of color, check her favorite color to get a gemstone engagement ring for women in that color. Or simply pick based on her birth month. Here's a look at gemstones according to birth month:

Birth Month Birthstone
January Garnet
February Amethyst
March Aquamarine
April Diamond
May Emerald
June Pearl
July Ruby
August Peridot
September Sapphire
October Opal
November Citrine
December Tanzanite

Choose a Unique Design

Win her "Yes!" with an extraordinary ring design. Choose a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring with an entwined shank in rose gold over sterling silver. You can never go wrong with this classic design, which has been a favorite for years. Or celebrate the past, present, and future of your togetherness with a meaningful three-stone engagement ring in white sapphire and opal. Did you know that besides being a great choice for October babies, opal signifies love, hope, and fidelity?

If she likes vintage jewelry, choose a cubic zirconia vintage engagement ring in sterling silver. In case she prefers minimalistic diamond jewelry, choose a morganite and diamond halo ring in rose gold. For a fantasy-inspired design, consider a Disney Belle rose diamond engagement ring in white and rose gold.

Check the Ring Size

When you shop for an engagement ring online, make sure you get the size right. We offer detailed dimensions of every ring in the product description. Also, you can use our international ring size chart as a guide to choose the right size. We also offer a simple DIY ring measurer that you can print at home to get the perfect size. If the ring still doesn’t fit, simply return it within 30 days of purchase.

Want to Consider for a Bridal Set?

A bridal set comprises an engagement ring and a matching wedding ring, worn together in a close fit. If your lady love prefers a bridal set, buy one by following the same steps as above. When it comes to the design, choose between traditional or fandom-based designs.

The halo and cross designs are iconic. So, you can shop for a sterling silver cubic zirconia halo bridal set. Or you can buy a yellow gold over sterling silver diamond bridal set in the cross design.

For a fairytale engagement, you can choose a white gold Disney Snow White diamond bridal set glittering in the popular bow design. You can also pick a white gold Disney Majestic Princess crown bridal set.

Rest assured, you get value for money every time you shop at Jewelili. We offer diamond and gemstone engagement rings for women in a wide variety of designs and price tags to suit every taste and budget. We also offer official and licensed jewelry products from Disney and Star Wars, all on discount. And, don’t forget to check out our discounts and special offers for extra savings. We offer free shipping and easy returns so that you don't worry even if the ring doesn't fit right. At Jewelili, you can access all these facilities for complete peace of mind while shopping online.