12 Animal Jewelry that Matches With Your Zodiac Sign

You know how each animal reminds you of somebody that you know? Did you know that each zodiac has an animal associated with it because each zodiac personality is so unique. As beautiful as our zodiac signs look when represented in an artistic manner, they look even better in animal jewelry! We cannot ignore how amazing jewelry looks when represented by the animals that match with them. Looking for a fun way to wear your zodiac sign? Let’s explore the animal kingdom and put our paw on which majestic creature best connects with each Zodiac sign. A great way to remind your loved ones of their positive attributes, animal jewelry is high on everyone’s style radar today.

Bee Yourself

Those born under the primal zodiac sign of the bee are not only hard-working and straightforward, they thrive on their ability to create. Exactly like the Capricorns that we all know. Gift a bee necklace or bee ring to them to show them that you love their pride and honesty. Our Jewelili Honey Bee Pendant Necklace accented with Natural White Round Diamonds set in Sterling Silver makes for a great gift for your loved one who matches these traits.

Fly high

The sweet, sensitive, and caring butterfly loves their friends and family and also their taste for all the nice things in life. An easy-going sign, the butterfly loves to look great and hates conflict. Thus, the butterfly is perfect for Libra. Also known as the social butterfly of the zodiac, the Libra loves peace and is an absolutely gentle soul! Get her the Jewelili Butterfly Ring accented with Natural White Round Diamonds set in Sterling Silver and 10K Rose Gold and watch her sparkle with love. You can also check out our butterfly necklaces to match with this.

Feline love

Fine minds and intelligence topped with humor are what define a cat and the Aquarius zodiac sign. For those who love the attention, the Jewelili Cat Pendant Necklace accented with Treated Blue Diamonds and White Diamonds set in Sterling Silver is a perfect purchase. We also have cat rings and cat earrings for your Aquarius or even Gemini friends who love helping their friends out and are clever, just like our feline friends.

Pawfect Pick

Precious and loyal creatures, dogs give us infinite love and are a great companion to one and all. They are affectionate and gentle, just like our Aquarian or our Taurean friends. You can get them dog jewelry so that they can elevate their everyday style and be reminded of you! Our Jewelili Dog Pendant Necklace accented with White and Black Round Diamonds set in Sterling Silver will be a great celebration of their loyalty and will be a sparkling addition to their collection.

Peace of me

Doves are friendly and loyal creatures who love the calm all around them. Always ready to help, they are reminiscent of our Taurus friends who are patient and warmhearted, isn’t it? It also makes a great gift for the compassionate and kind Pisces who are extremely sympathetic. Our jewelry collection includes dove necklaces such as the Jewelili Dove Pendant Necklace accented with Created Opal and Diamonds set in Sterling Silver for the peace-loving friends that we love to spend quality time with.

Light of God

Known for its dominant personality, the dragonfly takes action and loves to be in charge just like our Leo and Scorpio friends. They are willing to take risks and are problem solvers who value their time. Take this opportunity to value them and get them our Jewelili Dragonfly Pendant Necklace accented with Swiss Blue Topaz and Created Opal with Diamonds set in Sterling Silver.

Big size Love

An elephant personality is that of a natural leader, strong and bold and takes life in stride. Powerful and mighty, just like a Leo, these intelligent creatures love honesty. Get them the Jewelili Elephant Ring accented with Treated Blue Diamonds and White Diamonds set in Sterling Silver to appreciate their mighty love.

Hoot away

Loved for their detail-oriented, analytical and orderly way of doing things, it comes as no surprise that the owl is ideal for our Virgo friends who are meticulous and practical. Gift them our Jewelili Owl On Moon Pendant Necklace accented with Treated Blue Diamonds set in Sterling Silver which is sure to add to their everyday style. Our owl earrings and owl bracelets can also be given to the intellectual Sagittarius to applaud them on their optimistic nature.

Black or white

The peace-loving panda is warm and cuddly and gets excited and isn’t afraid to show that. Matching the temperament of the emotional Cancer Zodiac sign, get the Jewelili Panda Pendant Necklace accented with 1/4 Cttw Round Treated Black Diamonds Enamel set in Sterling Silver to show them that you too understand their emotions.

Spider time

Bold, accomplished, and individualistic, spiders are quick thinkers and make accurate decisions. They make for great friends, just like our Aries friends. You can get them a lovely piece of jewelry like Jewelili Spider Pendant Necklace accented with 1/10 Cttw Treated Black and White Natural Diamond set in Sterling Silver and watch them smile.


Turtles are known to be quiet and shy but extremely intelligent creatures. Sensitive and secretive, they remind us of our Scorpions and Geminis in life and with good reason. You can opt to get them animal jewelry like turtle necklaces from Jewelili. Our Jewelili Whimsical Turtle Necklace Pendant accented with Dancing Green Quartz and Created White Sapphire set in Sterling Silver is a gorgeous piece to elevate any outfit.

Each Zodiac sign is represented by a furry friend or a bird, making animal Jewelry a fun way to validate your personality and let the animal in you be free in all its glory. It is a fun way of getting to know your friends and family and watch them exhibit the same positive characteristics as these animals. Go on now, roar!

Some More Sparkle

What to get someone who is obsessed with astrology?

You can get animal jewelry for someone who is obsessed with astrology as the animals represent each of the zodiac signs in a unique way and make for great sparkling gifts.

What are the best zodiac gifts?

Animal jewelry serve as the best zodiac gifts like bee necklaces are reminiscent of the hardworking Capricorn and cat jewelry is perfect for the versatile Gemini friends. It gives our loved ones a chance to let loose and wear their attributes with a sparkle.

Who can I give zodiac gifts to?

You can gift zodiac gifts to all one and all be it your friends, family or even colleagues. It also makes as a great “just because” gift as animal jewelry such as cat necklaces, owl necklaces and spider necklaces can remind the wearer of their positive attributes and bring a smile to their face thinking of you.

Can I wear animal jewelry every day?

Of course! Animal jewelry can be worn everyday as they are designed keeping in mind the modern woman of today. Animal jewelry can easily uplift your everyday attire and serve as a great accessory to remind you of your zodiac sign.

Is animal jewelry in trend?

Yes! Animal jewelry is very trendy because it depicts each of the zodiac signs in some way and is a great alternative to constellation jewelry or birthstone jewelry.