To New Beginnings – Dragonfly Jewelry Can Make for a Lovely Graduation Gift!

Dragonfly jewelry is beautiful, trendy, and symbolic. This makes it a meaningful gift for someone important. Dragonflies stand for illumination and iridescence. They reflect and refract light such that they appear to change colors when you look at them from different angles. Therefore, they're also believed to have magical, mystical, and elusive qualities. In fact, they're called the horses of fairies in certain parts of Europe.

According to Native Americans, dragonflies represent free spirit, swiftness, freedom, and the vital energy of life. In the Japanese culture, these creatures are thought to depict strength and courage since they live in a carefree way despite having a brief life span.

Most importantly, dragonflies undergo metamorphosis to turn into the colorful creatures we admire. Therefore, Native Americans believe that dragonflies represent resurrection, change, rebirth, renewal, or new beginnings. This symbolism, in particular, makes dragonfly jewelry a perfect gift to congratulate a new graduate on her academic achievement.

Moreover, the dragonfly is regarded as a symbol of a new light in the Japanese tradition. The creature is also associated with deep thoughts, intuition, and the subconscious mind. It is said to bring good luck. These qualities also make dragonfly jewelry an appropriate graduation gift to wish her good luck as she starts a new chapter of life.

So, here are some unique dragonfly jewelry pieces that can make for the perfect graduation gift.

Exquisite Dragonfly Jewelry as Graduation Gifts

Topaz and Opal Dragonfly Necklace

Gemstones enliven dragonfly jewelry with colors that are found in these creatures. If your graduate friend likes gemstone jewelry, you can gift her our sterling silver dragonfly pendant necklace with opal, blue topaz, and diamonds. It will look gorgeous and suit her more if she has a vivacious personality. Topaz brings abundance and joy, while opal symbolizes hope and optimism. These qualities can give the new graduate confidence to aim for the next important milestone.

Black and White Diamond Dragonfly Necklace

Check out our sterling silver dragonfly pendant necklace in glittering black and white diamonds. It features a sleek body and shiny wings for a trendy fashion statement. The black and white contrast is striking and can help the new graduate style her career look impeccably.

Two-Tone Dragonfly Necklace

Two-tone diamond jewelry for women is trending right now. So, go ahead and gift the fresh graduate our diamond dragonfly pendant necklace in rose gold over sterling silver. The rose gold and sterling silver will beautifully contrast each other. With a gold body and diamond-studded wings, the design looks absolutely charming. The blush pink color of rose gold will make the wearer stand out in a crowd.

Diamond-Winged Dragonfly Necklace

Some women prefer minimalistic diamond jewelry. Your graduate friend could be one of them. You can get an idea of her fashion taste if you notice the kind of jewelry she wears. Accordingly, you can gift her our Sterling Silver White Round Cut Diamonds Dragonfly Pendant Necklace. In this pendant, the wings are thinly lined with sparkling diamonds and attached to a sleek silver body. The design is simple yet chic!

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Some More Sparkle

What does dragonfly jewelry symbolize?

Jewelry designed as dragonflies can be symbolic of many things, such as metamorphosis, change, revival, new beginnings, colors, vivacity, joy, iridescence, magic, freedom, strength, courage, free spirit, intuition, and good luck.

What does dragonfly jewelry mean as a graduation gift for someone?

Since dragonflies represent metamorphosis, growth, evolution, change, renewal, or revival, dragonfly jewelry can symbolize a new beginning for someone who has recently graduated. This is the beginning of a new chapter in the person's life. This makes these jewelry pieces meaningful graduation gifts.