Adorable Jewelry Gifts for Dog-Lovers on National Dog Day

There are endless ways to celebrate National Dog Day this August 26. You can assist an animal rescue team or bring home a shelter puppy to feel the joy of being a dog mom or dad. You can encourage people to visit adoption centers instead of pet stores to welcome a furry member into their family.

If you already have a dog, you can throw a fun party in his honor and invite his four-legged buddies for a special celebration. You can even go on a date with your pup to a dog park, dog show, or just a long drive.

Another way to celebrate August 26 is to gift thoughtful dog jewelry to other dog parents to raise a toast to our furry friends across all breeds. To help you celebrate your love for man’s best friend, Jewelili offers you exquisite and unique designs in diamond and gemstone dog jewelry. Take a look below at our top jewelry pieces for dog lovers.

For Your Loyal Partner

Your partner has that quintessential quality of your furry buddy – loyalty. No matter how difficult the times are, they’re always there to support you. So, this National Dog Day, gift your partner our sterling silver black and white diamond dog pendant necklace. The black diamond bow of the white diamond dog jewelry piece will set a fabulous contrast. Along with the dog necklace, leave a card reading, “Thank you for being my loyal better half.”

For Your Energetic Friend

Is your friend full of energy, outgoing, and ever ready to help you whenever you need her? These are the exact qualities she also appreciates in your pup. So, why not celebrate the high-energy in both this August 26? For that, gift her our sterling silver blue diamond dog paw stud earrings. The unique color of the diamonds will make the earrings look gorgeous. Plan a dog date for your pup and surprise your friend with these cute earrings right there!

For Your Intelligent Daughter

Both your daughter and her four-legged companion amaze you with their intelligence. So, this National Dog Day, why not celebrate this quality they share? Gift your daughter our sterling silver diamond bone pendant necklace. The trendy dog jewelry piece will add an edge to her personality. Step out and spend some quality time with the furry baby and your girl amid nature.

For Your Affectionate Sibling

Siblings give us unconditional love, just like our four-legged buddies. Both care for you and give you the utmost love and affection. Time to treat them in a special way. Amaze your sibling with our sterling silver dog paw ring in black and white diamonds. The monochrome diamonds will set a striking contrast. If she has been eager to adopt a pup, accompany her to a shelter to tick it off her bucket list. Your gift will act as a token of appreciation for her thoughtful act.

For Your Beloved Mom

Your mom not only loves human babies but also the little furry ones. She never discriminates between them and often ends up pampering her four-legged companions more! So, celebrate this loving nature of your mom by gifting her our sterling silver black and white diamond mom paw heart pendant necklace. The etching of the paw right beneath the "MOM" cut-out will remind your mother that she is the best dog mom as well!

Don't forget to buy a lovely dog jewelry piece for yourself too, if you are a fellow dog-lover. You can explore our other impressive animal designs as well, before finalizing your picks. At Jewelili, you can enjoy great discounts, competitive prices, free shipping, and easy 30-day returns on every purchase. So, start shopping now and illuminate August 26 with our meaningful jewelry for dog lovers.

Some More Sparkle

Can I buy dog jewelry for dog dads?

Certainly. You can gift our black rhodium over stainless steel diamond paw print dog tag pendant necklace to a dog dad. It can even act as a unisex jewelry piece.

Is it appropriate to buy dog jewelry for someone who has recently lost their pet?

With the right sentimental value, dog jewelry for someone who recently lost their pet can be a good gift.

What other animal jewelry designs can I shop for?

At Jewelili, you can also shop for animal jewelry designs such as cats, turtles, frogs, elephants, pandas, dolphins, seahorses, doves, owls, dragonflies, butterflies, bees, and more!