The day after Thanksgiving has become one of the most important annual shopping days for Americans. Black Friday actually marks the beginning of the holiday season shopping frenzy. National chain stores conventionally offer limited-time deals to attract shoppers, while online stores come up with some of their best offers.

The term "Black Friday" originated in Philadelphia during the early 1960s. Police officers in the city started using this term for the chaos that occurred when too many suburban tourists came into the city for their holiday shopping. Due to the massive crowd, the police had to work longer shifts and deal with issues like shoplifting, traffic jams, and road accidents.

Soon, the phrase "Black Friday" became common in the city, and merchants started attracting customers with their "Big Friday" offers. In the late 1980s, the term "Black Friday" came to refer to the boost in retail sales on the day after Thanksgiving. Merchants began spreading the idea of red-to-black profits. As stores started to earn significant profits for the year on this day, Black Friday emerged as one of the most important shopping days in the USA.

On this special day, Jewelili also offers special deals on gemstone and diamond jewelry, besides our regular sales and competitive pricing. This year, we are offering up to 60% off on select jewelry pieces, along with a Buy 2, Get 1 Free offer! So, without further ado, let's check out what you can shop for to make the most of our ongoing sale.

Shop for November-Borns

Whether you and/or any of your loved ones are born in November, gift something unique. For that, we are offering our Black Friday deal on citrine jewelry. Citrine is the November birthstone. Therefore, jewelry featuring this gemstone is appropriate for birthday gifts for November-borns or simply as a just-because token of your love.

Taking advantage of our current sale, you can buy jewelry gifts for two November babies while paying for just one with our up to 60% discount offer. For instance, you can pick two sterling silver Madeira citrine gemstone fashion rings lined with amethyst and cubic zirconia.

You can even buy more than one jewelry piece to make a set for a special birthday girl. For example, you can purchase our matching yellow gold citrine studs and gemstone pendant necklace. This two-piece jewelry set has a minimalistic look, making it perfect for wear on almost any occasion.

In either case, you pay less than half the total cost of two jewelry pieces, thanks to the dual Black Friday offers.

Shop for December Babies

Likewise, you and/or any of your dear ones may be born in December. In that case, you can shop for tanzanite jewelry gifts since the gem is the December birthstone.

Again, you can shop for more than one December-born. For example, you can purchase two white gold tanzanite cocktail gemstone rings with white diamonds. The mix of the marquise and round cuts of the stones makes the ring stand unique. You can even buy two white rhodium over brass tanzanite 4-piece jewelry sets. This way, you can also make the most of the Buy 2, Get 1 Free offer.

Buy Engagement Rings

If you and your favorite man are planning to get engaged shortly, you need to buy engagement rings for both of you. Why not use the Black Friday deal to pay for just one of them with the 60% discount? If you wish to buy something unique, consider our select Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry pieces.

Buy Wedding Rings

You can also shop for rings for him and her if your wedding is planned for this winter. Our Black Friday deals will help you save on exquisite fine diamond jewelry. If you guys are Star Wars fans, you can consider our Star Wars Fine Jewelry collection. For example, you can pick the Threepio Series women's and men's diamond rings for your big day.

Shop for Christmas

Christmas is exactly a month away from Black Friday! So, why not shop for Christmas gifts in advance to maximize your savings? Again, you can buy multiple jewelry gifts for more than one recipient and/or purchase two matching jewelry pieces for each person. And yes, the recipient can be you too, not just your loved ones!

We have something perfect for the winter theme of Christmas, reminiscent of snowfall and a hint of magic. You can check out the Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry Elsa snowflake danglers and a matching pendant necklace, both featuring delicate lariats. They can evoke the wearer's inner charm this Christmas.

Explore our myriad of other gemstone and diamond jewelry gifts and shop for yourself and your near and dear ones. Our Black Friday deals can help you make the maximum savings. Additionally, you can benefit from our wide range of price points, free shipping, and 30-day easy returns. Happy shopping at Jewelili!

Some More Sparkle

What other festive deals are going on at Jewelili?

We are offering a dual deal of 60% off and "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" on gemstone and diamond jewelry on the occasion of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Check out these offers before they're gone!

Can I get Black Friday deals on both men's and women's jewelry?

You can enjoy these deals on women's and men's jewelry pieces and unisex jewelry, such as those from the Star Wars Fine Jewelry collection at Jewelili.