4 Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Is your wedding anniversary or that of a loved one knocking at the door? Then, it’s time to make plans to celebrate the day. Don't forget to shop for stunning gifts to commemorate the occasion too. And when it comes to gifts, what can be better than glittering diamond and gemstone jewelry? To make a choice easier, Jewelili brings you 4 wedding anniversary jewelry gift ideas for him and her.

Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her

1. Infinity Diamond Bolo Bracelet

The infinity symbol is a representation of eternal love and commitment. She has shown her commitment to you and your bond all these years. So, on this anniversary, gift her our sterling silver infinity diamond bolo bracelet. Although the 60th wedding anniversary is called the diamond anniversary, you may not wait so long to surprise her.

2. Ruby Heart Pendant Necklace

If you want something other than a diamond bolo bracelet, check out our yellow gold over sterling silver heart pendant necklace in ruby and white sapphire. The heart necklace can convey your deep feelings for her. Plus, the red gemstone symbolizes love and is the perfect gift for a 40th wedding anniversary. If you can't wait so long, let it bejewel her this year.

3. Diamond Knot Stud Earrings

Just like a diamond infinity bolo bracelet or a gemstone heart pendant necklace, our sterling silver diamond knot stud earrings can be a romantic token. After all, the knot portrays the strong bond of two people in love. So, you gift her these symbolic and fashionable studs to reflect your relationship.

4. Emerald Three-Stone Ring

Like the above jewelry pieces, our rose gold three-stone ring in emerald and white sapphire can be a thoughtful gift of love. When you slide it on her finger, tell her that the three stones celebrate your journey's past, present, and future together. The emerald glows with the evergreen spirit of your bond. Also, this gemstone makes the ring an ideal gift for your 55th wedding anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas for Him

1. Anchor Diamond Dog Tag Pendant Necklace

He is the anchor of your life. This wedding anniversary, say that to him with our yellow gold over sterling silver men's dog tag anchor pendant necklace in black onyx and diamond accents. The diamonds in the necklace say, "Forever." The gift will be both meaningful and classy.

2. Men's Cross Diamond Ring

Cross jewelry pieces are highly trending. Top male celebrities like Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber, and Eminem have often sported them. If you want to gift your man a statement piece, choose our sterling silver men's cross texture diamond ring. The ring could also stand for divine blessings being showered upon your bond.

3. Men's Hexagonal Diamond Stud Earrings

Geometrical earrings look edgy and striking and can add definition to any face shape. If you want to add a touch of sharpness to his look, choose our sterling silver men's diamond hexagonal stud earrings as a wedding anniversary gift.

4. Men's Diamond Link Bracelet

Jewelry featuring links and chains is on-trend right now. Want to bejewel your husband in something trendy and bold? Then go for our yellow gold over sterling silver diamond men's link bracelet. It can make a sophisticated wedding anniversary gift.

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Some More Sparkle

Are stud earrings a suitable gift option for men and women?

Yes, stud earrings can be a good gift. You can check out the different options in stud earrings for women and stud earrings for men on Jewelili.

What gemstones should I consider?

If you know his or her birth month, you can get a piece of jewelry in that gemstone. For example, ruby is the July birthstone so gifting ruby jewelry to someone born in July makes sense.