7 Heart Necklaces That are Perfect for Gifting Your Partner on Your First Wedding Anniversary

7 Heart Necklaces That are Perfect for Gifting Your Partner on Your First Wedding Anniversary

The heart is the ultimate symbol of love, passion, and emotions. So, what better way to express how you feel on your first anniversary than with a diamond heart jewelry? Choose a one-of-a-kind heart necklace, as precious as your partner. You will find a wide selection of heart pendants for women online right here at Jewelili. But with so many options, which do you choose? Here are 7 amazing heart pendant necklaces for women to consider.

1. Heart Key Necklace

Your first wedding anniversary is a major milestone that deserves special celebrations. So, write a special message on a small heart-shaped card and put it together with a sterling silver heart key pendant necklace with diamond accents in a gift box. The necklace represents that your partner has unlocked the way to your heart. If she loves elaborate designs, choose a key pendant with its head beautifully twisted into a swirling heart.

2. Cross Heart Necklace

Does your spouse have deep faith in God? Even if not, a cross necklace can be a well-picked gift for her, especially if she has a bold taste in fashion. So, you can choose a sterling silver diamond cross heart pendant necklace as your first-anniversary gift. Cross jewelry is for everyone, including those who love trendy designs. Pick a pendant carved into a hollow heart with a tiny shining cross inside it. Drop a note reading, "Let's begin a new chapter with divine blessings" and place it along with the necklace in a gift box. Then simply wait to delight the recipient.

3. Double Heart Necklace

This entwined heart necklace represents your eternal love for your partner. Even when you two are away, your hearts always beat for each other. Can a diamond jewelry piece for women convey this message on your first wedding anniversary? Yes, it can, with the sterling silver double heart pendant necklace in blue and white diamonds. Visit the place where you had your first date and suprise her with this gift. Her heart will melt!

4. Ruby Heart Necklace

Rubies glow in red, the color of love. So, choose a pendant embellished with rubies for the perfect romantic token. On this wedding anniversary, gift your better half a yellow gold plated sterling silver two-tone heart pendant necklace in ruby and white sapphire. The red ruby, the white sapphire, yellow gold, and sterling silver will strike a dazzling contrast. The two-tone metal makes this a very trendy piece of jewelry. Gift her the necklace with a bunch of bright red roses.

5. Cupid Heart Necklace

Your anniversary is the ideal occasion to remember the mischievous cherub who shot the arrow of love through your hearts. So, gift your beloved a rose gold plated sterling silver Cupid heart pendant necklace in diamonds and pink sapphire. Hide the gift beneath rose gold and silver balloons and let the recipient have fun popping them to get to the surprise!

6. Infinity Heart Necklace

Want to tell your partner that your love for her is boundless? Then gift her a sterling silver diamond heart pendant necklace with a yellow gold infinity sign. Tie the necklace around a cute teddy with a puffed heart reading "Happy Anniversary!" Place it on her dressing table, so she receives her surprise right when she gets ready for the anniversary party.

7. Angel Heart Necklace

You've already given your heart to your lady love. Now imagine a diamond jewelry piece for women that mimics this gesture. Choose the sterling silver diamond angel pendant necklace with a rose gold heart in the hand. Go down on your knee once more and rekindle the excitement with this gift. The angel in the pendant will symbolize the protection and support you offer each other.

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Some More Sparkle

What does a heart necklace signify?

A heart pendant necklace symbolizes love, desire, affections, passion, trust, commitment, togetherness and the strength of union.

What makes a heart necklace a suitable gift for your partner on your first wedding anniversary?

When you gift a heart pendant necklace to your better half on your first wedding anniversary, you express your love and admiration for her and your commitment to her.

Can I shop for matching heart jewelry pieces?

Definitely. We have a large variety of heart jewelry pieces. You can pick standalone pieces with common features like matching metals, diamonds, gemstones or the whole design.