Jewelry Gift Ideas for the Host of the Thanksgiving Dinner Party

An attitude of gratitude can be a wonderful way to ensure positivity in your life. But appreciating different aspects of life, given our hectic daily schedules, can be difficult. Thankfully, there’s a day demarcated for us to count all our blessings. In America, Thanksgiving Day traces back to the 1621 harvest feast of the Wampanoag people and the English colonists of Plymouth. The holiday is especially profound in symbolism and legend. The most prominent tradition for the day is enjoying a meal of pumpkin pie, cranberries, bread stuffing, turkey, and potatoes with our loved ones.

On October 3, 1863, Abraham Lincoln officially announced that the last Thursday of November would be celebrated as Thanksgiving Day. This year, make the occasion even more special by surprising the host of the Thanksgiving dinner party with something they will cherish lifelong! For that, here are some exquisite gemstone and diamond jewelry gift ideas.

Leaf Jewelry – The Shape of Nature

The leaf is not just symbolic of nature, but it is also reminiscent of the harvest that was traditionally celebrated on this special day. So, consider gifting the host of the dinner party leaf-shaped jewelry to convey this symbolism.

Check out our sterling silver diamond leaf bracelet and stud earrings. They can form a matching pair and add a graceful touch to the host’s look. If she prefers minimalistic fashion jewelry, she will certainly be impressed by this jewelry set.

Peridot Jewelry – The Color of Nature

The gemstone peridot comes in a rare yellowish-green color. Its hue is a pure reflection of nature and, therefore, can be another way to represent a bountiful harvest. It could even convey your wishes of prosperity and happiness for the host.

Check out our sterling silver set of peridot gemstone ring, pendant necklace, and earrings with diamonds and white sapphires. The pale green jewelry set can be paired with a variety of colors and styles of outfits. This makes it a versatile gift for any woman. If the host loves vintage accessories, the color of the gemstone will win her over right away.

Emerald Hearts – Abundance & Prosperity

The heart signifies love, warmth, and bounty. All these emotions are quintessentially entwined with the celebration of Thanksgiving. The lush green stone, emerald, can add to the evergreen appeal of this shape and its symbolism. So, consider gifting emerald jewelry to the party's host.

Take a look at our sterling silver set of emerald gemstone heart pendant necklace and stud earrings with white sapphires. The artfully carved hearts glow in green while the white sapphires peeking from the top accentuate their charm. The set can be an exquisite gift, especially if the hostess likes regal gemstones.

Citrine Jewelry – The Hue of November

Jewelry crafted in citrine, the gemstone of November, can also make for a thoughtful gift for Thanksgiving. The yellowish-orange hue of the gem can represent the golden blessings of God as well as the golden harvest.

If the host has a taste for rare things, consider our Madeira citrine jewelry pieces. Examples are our sterling silver Madeira citrine gemstone fashion ring with amethyst and our sterling silver Madeira citrine link bracelet. This dark variety of citrine will enhance the enigma of the jewelry pieces and certainly capture the imagination of the recipient.

Cross Jewelry – The Lord's Blessings

What could represent the blessings of God better than the symbol of the cross? So, you can't go wrong with cross jewelry as a meaningful gift for Thanksgiving. At Jewelili, you can shop for a wide variety of trendy cross jewelry for both women and men.

Here are some jewelry picks for the hostess. You can gift her our sterling silver women's diamond cross pendant necklace, white gold cubic zirconia cross dangle earrings, sterling silver diamond cross ring, and sterling silver diamond cross bolo bracelet. Together, they can make a beautiful jewelry set.

On the other hand, you can gift men's jewelry of the same shape to the host. You can choose our yellow gold over sterling silver men's diamond cross pendant necklace, men's diamond cross stud earrings, and men's diamond cross texture ring. This brilliant jewelry gift set will undoubtedly win the admiration of the host.

You can also check out our other gemstone and diamond jewelry pieces for women and men. Choose ones that resonate with the feel of Thanksgiving Day. Don’t forget to check for our ongoing discount offers and sales. Plus, we offer the most reasonable prices, easy 30-day returns, and free shipping on every purchase. So, go ahead and experience a satisfying shopping experience at Jewelili!


Can I buy minimalistic jewelry as Thanksgiving gifts?

Definitely. You can check out our solitaire diamond jewelry for this. They are minimalistic yet fashionable and, therefore, perfect for gifting. In fact, solitaire studs can be unisex accessories to gift the host and hostess matching jewelry.

What other jewelry shapes can I buy as Thanksgiving gifts?

You can also consider jewelry shapes like the infinity symbol, the flower, the butterfly, the dragonfly, and the twist as Thanksgiving gifts.

Can I buy fine jewelry with a budget of $100?

At Jewelili, you can look for gifts based on your budget. We offer fine jewelry under different price ranges, such as under $50, under $100, under $300, and under $500. So, whatever your budget, you are sure to find jewelry you'll love.