5 Cross Necklaces for Women That Make for a Good Birthday Gift

Cross necklaces can make ideal birthday gifts. They symbolize the blessings of God while looking absolutely on-trend. Today, the cross has been carved into various exquisite designs for a wide variety of diamond jewelry that helps you make a bold fashion statement. So, if you want to gift your favorite woman something meaningful yet fashionable on her birthday, check out these 5 cross necklaces for women.

1. Heart Cross Pendant Necklace for Women

Want to give your heart to the birthday girl? Entwine it around a glittering cross. So, shop for a sterling silver diamond heart cross pendant necklace with a rose gold heart. The heart will glow with the warmth of your love, and the cross will shine with divine blessings. These blessings will accompany her as she steps into another year of her life. Also, the two-tone metal will make her stand apart from the crowd. Pack it in a shimmery gift box and finish off with a silver ribbon. She’ll be all set to make a fashion statement with your gift.

2. Twist Cross Pendant Necklace for Women

A cross folded into a lustrous gold twisted design would look simply irresistible on your birthday girl. Want to gift her a necklace with such a unique design? Then shop for a yellow gold cross pendant necklace with baguette diamonds on the folds and round diamonds in the center. Since the diamonds combine to form a sparkling flower in the center, it looks charming. On the other hand, the combination of baguette and round diamonds makes it a unique choice. Just pack the gift in a golden box, and you're good to go!

3. Sapphire Cross Pendant Necklace for Women

When you shop at Jewelili, you can find cross jewelry pieces in various gemstones as well. You can even choose from birthstones for different months. For example, you might wish to give a birthday gift to someone born in September. Then sapphire, the September birthstone, will be the perfect pick. You can shop for a sterling silver cross pendant necklace in pink sapphire. Choose one with three sapphire stones that symbolize your best wishes for the recipient through her past, present, and future. Sapphire is believed to bestow wisdom and abundance on the wearer. You could gift it to your daughter at her graduation.

4. Opal Cross Pendant Necklace for Women

Time to embellish the birthday girl with opalescence! Opal is the October birthstone. So, a sterling silver opal cross pendant necklace lined with white sapphire can be the best gift for an October-born. But opal is much more than a birthstone. It is thought to bring optimism, harmony, and balance to one's life. Moreover, it is the stone of emotions, love, and passion. This makes an opal necklace a meaningful birthday gift especially for your beloved partner. The thin lining of white sapphires makes every opal pop on the necklace. Take your wife on a dinner date and gift her this elegant necklace to make her feel even more special.

5. Topaz Cross Pendant Necklace for Women

Are you thinking of gifting a cross jewelry piece to a November-born? Then you can buy a necklace studded with topaz, the December birthstone. You can choose a sterling silver cross pendant necklace with a majestic blue topaz in the center and tiny white sapphires on the arms. Topaz can shower good fortune, health, love, and joy on the wearer. So, your gift would be highly valued. Put it in a gift box decorated with gorgeous blue wrapping paper to make a big impression.

When you shop for diamond and gemstone cross jewelry online at Jewelili, you can choose from a wide variety of designs. You will find stunning cross necklaces for women for every type of woman and every budget right here. We also offer regular discounts and special deals, free shipping, and easy returns. With all these benefits, we are sure you will have the most satisfying experience of shopping for diamond/gemstone jewelry online.

Some More Sparkle

What is the significance of cross necklaces?

Cross necklaces depict Christ’s sacrifice and is a beautiful expression of your faith in God. They're also statement necklaces, as they come in some modern and sophisticated designs.

What does it mean when you give a cross pendant necklace to a birthday girl?

It means that you wish her the very best in life, protected by divine blessings. It’s an expression of your encouragement to “go out there and make your mark.”

Can I gift cross necklaces with other matching jewelry pieces?

Yes. At Jewelili, you can shop for standalone cross jewelry pieces, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, in matching or similar designs.