The Anniversary Guide: What Jewelry to Get Based on The Years of Togetherness

Like a fine wine, your bond with your partner only gets better as it ages. Every year brings new experiences that enrich your relationship. So, here's a guide to gift your special someone the ideal anniversary jewelry gift. Each milestone has its own significance, so choose the gift accordingly.

2nd Anniversary: Garnet Jewelry

Your second wedding anniversary should be as special as the first. Your togetherness is yet to ripen, and you may have a lot of hope in your heart for your marriage to be successful. Express this with our white gold wedding anniversary ring in diamonds and garnet for women.

6th Anniversary: Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst is a highly valuable gemstone, and its color represents royalty. Time to bejewel your partner royally on the 6th wedding anniversary. Choose our heart-shaped amethyst stud earrings lined with diamonds. The heart-shaped anniversary jewelry gift will convey your sincere love for her.

13th Anniversary: Citrine Jewelry

Citrine is believed to send out good vibrations and bring happiness. If you want these elements to enrich your bond with your loved one, gift her our yellow gold with natural round citrine stud earrings.

16th Anniversary: Peridot Jewelry

Peridot represents compassion. After 16 years of togetherness and with many more to come, you have certainly learned to be compassionate (apart from passionate) about each other. So, gift your better half our sterling silver turtle pendant necklace in peridot and white sapphire. It will portray the steady relationship you share.

19th Anniversary: Aquamarine Jewelry

By this time, you've come a long way with your partner. So why not celebrate the past, present, and future of your loving journey on this milestone anniversary? For that, buy our sterling silver heart-shaped 3-stone aquamarine wedding anniversary ring with diamond accents.

24th Anniversary: Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite belongs to the realm of the higher consciousness. It is said to depict the intuitive bond you share with your special someone, which goes deep beyond all levels of consciousness. So, buy your woman our white gold marquise tanzanite and white diamonds fashion ring on the anniversary day.

30th Anniversary: Pearl Jewelry

Pearl represents love, purity, loyalty, and sincerity. For all these 30 years, you and your partner have constantly loved and remained faithful to each other. Now's the time to express that with our yellow gold over sterling silver pearl pendant necklace with entwining diamond lines. Your better half will be mesmerized.

34th Anniversary: Opal Jewelry

You've been together for 34 years and want to strengthen your bond with your soulmate so that it lasts a lifetime. For that, seek divine blessings with our sterling silver opal cross pendant necklace lined with white sapphires. It can make a symbolic anniversary jewelry gift.

40th Anniversary: Ruby Jewelry

The red color of the ruby symbolizes love, passion, and commitment. Therefore, on this big milestone anniversary, gift your partner our yellow gold over sterling silver heart-shaped jewelry set of a necklace, ring, and earrings in ruby and cubic zirconia.

45th Anniversary: Sapphire Jewelry

The celebration of this milestone anniversary deserves something splendid. Therefore, present your loved one our sterling silver checkerboard cushion-cut blue sapphire jewelry set of a ring, necklace, and earrings lined with cubic zirconia. She will look regal.

55th Anniversary: Emerald Jewelry

Your marriage has grown over 55 years! How do you celebrate this evergreen bond with her? Gift her our yellow gold emerald hoop earrings and amaze her on the anniversary day.

60th Anniversary: Diamond Jewelry

If you’ve survived together for 60 years, you need a special celebration. Such a bond is as strong and invaluable as a diamond. So, gift man our yellow gold over sterling silver black onyx dog tag anchor pendant necklace with diamond accents. It will show that he has been the anchor of your life.

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Some More Sparkle

On what other occasions can I gift my partner diamond and gemstone jewelry?

Any occasion! It can be your partner's birthday, Valentine's Day, Promise Day, anniversary, "just because," and more.

Can I gift gemstone jewelry based on our anniversary month or does it have to be based on the birthday month?

A gemstone can signify whatever you want it to signify. If you want to gift your partner gemstone jewelry based on your anniversary month, go ahead!