Top List of Jewelry Gifts for Christmas and New Year

The holiday season is already upon us. Time to finalize your gifting list for Christmas and New Year. But what should you gift your favorite people that will be cherished for a long time to come? Well, what could be better than the perfect shimmering piece of jewelry? The best part is that when you shop for diamond and gemstone jewelry online, you will find excellent choices within your budget.

So, check out these top jewelry gifting ideas for this holiday season that can be both profoundly meaningful and fashionable.

Christmas Gifting List

1. Cross Jewelry

The cross can show one's faith in and love for Christ. But this design goes much beyond spirituality and any one religion. It has become a timeless fashion statement. So, blend fashion with faith this holiday season. Gift your favorite lady, for instance, a gold with a Swarovski zirconia cross necklace and matching dangle earrings. A rose gold over a sterling silver diamond heart cross necklace is another wonderful gift. You can also gift her a glittering sterling silver cross diamond bolo bracelet. For your favorite man, a sterling silver diamond and black onyx cross pendant necklace can give him a bold look. You can even get a cross-textured men's diamond ring in sterling silver. If he likes gold jewelry, consider gifting him a miracle-plated diamond cross pendant necklace in yellow gold over sterling silver. You can buy it with a yellow gold over sterling silver diamond cross texture men's ring to help him match the cross jewelry.

2. Anchor Jewelry

The anchor represents stability. In the Biblical context, it is emblematic of Christians' hope of salvation through Christ's suffering. So, you can definitely make anchor jewelry a part of your Christmas holiday gifting list. Shop for yellow gold over sterling silver anchor dog tag pendant necklace in diamonds and black onyx for your special man. For women, you can buy yellow gold and sterling silver diamond anchor bracelet and ring. For a more symbolic ornament, opt for a sterling silver cross nautical steering wheel anchor diamond pendant necklace.

3. Snowflake Jewelry

How can you miss out on snowflake jewelry when it's about winter holiday gifting? To include some unique snowflake jewelry in your Christmas gifting list, check out designs with a fandom theme. Tell your daughter that she'll always be your princess with rose gold over sterling silver Elsa snowflake diamond ring and earrings in Rose De France and Swiss blue topaz. You can also gift your favorite ladies sterling silver Elsa diamond bracelet and pendant carved into multiple snowflakes. These jewelry gifts can gracefully adorn the recipient for a white Christmas.

New Year Gifting List

1. Angel Wing Jewelry

Angel wings stand for hope, happiness, love, harmony, and protection. Shower these positive vibes on your loved ones this holiday season with gifts of angel wing jewelry. For women who love Gothic fashion, shop for Disney’s Maleficent diamond pendant necklace, earrings, and ring in black rhodium over sterling silver. Do you have someone special who loves minimalistic fashion jewelry? Then check out the Tinker Bell wings pendant in sterling silver for her. All these jewelry gifts can spice up the recipient's look with the magic of Disney fandom. A sparkling sterling silver diamond angel wing pendant necklace can also be a beautiful gift. For something colorful, a sterling silver heart angel wing pendant necklace in pink sapphire with black and white diamond accents can be a great pick.

2. Butterfly Jewelry

When gifting jewelry this holiday season, you cannot go wrong with vivacious butterfly jewelry. Butterflies are symbolic of colors, transformation, rebirth, power, and hope. Since they are associated with rebirth or renewal, butterfly jewelry can be great New Year gifts. So, go ahead and gift your loved ones sterling silver butterfly bracelet and earrings with diamond accents. You can also choose a lace butterfly diamond ring and pendant in yellow gold and sterling silver. For someone who loves monochrome, you can buy a sterling silver butterfly pendant necklace in black and white diamonds. The recipient will surely look elegant in these jewelry pieces.

3. Celestial Jewelry

Christmas and New Year can be the perfect excuse to immerse your special woman in some celestial glow. That way, you can literally illuminate their looks this holiday season. Check out the black enamel wish pendant necklace in sterling silver, showcasing a diamond-studded star in the center. For a beautiful matching Disney fandom set, go for Jasmine moon and star diamond earrings and ring in yellow gold. You can also buy a Tinker Bell star bracelet in yellow gold and sterling silver.

Make sure to shop online for diamond and gemstone jewelry gifts to access the latest holiday season discounts. Visit a store that offers a wide collection of exquisite jewelry designs at various prices. Then you can shop for more products within your budget, especially if there are other beneficial facilities like free shipping and free returns. If you buy Disney fandom jewelry, check whether the store offers officially licensed products. With free returns, you can enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience.

Some More Sparkle

What is the most popular item of jewelry?

Stud earrings, hoop earrings, heart pendant necklace, solitaire necklace, tennis bracelet, bangle bracelet, diamond ring, and gemstone ring are some of the popular jewelry items.

Can jewelry be a good gift for a guy?

Yes, it is!

How much should I spend on jewelry as a Christmas gift?

You can spend as much as your budget allows. In case you are looking for great deals on top-quality diamond jewelry, Jewelili is the website to check out.