5 Diamond Jewelry Items for the Perfect Anniversary Gifts

Given our hectic lives, it’s not uncommon to forget your wedding anniversary and then bringing home a last-minute gift. It’s time to show the world that you are as committed to making the marriage or relationship work as your partner. So, this year, make sure you give her the perfect anniversary gift that speaks of your love, without the need for words.

Always wanted to gift her a piece of diamond jewelry but thought it would be way out of your budget? Not anymore. If you buy diamond jewelry online from a trusted store that offers certified gemstones and the best prices, you are sure to find something within your budget that she will adore.

So, here’s a look at our top 5 picks of diamond jewelry that make for the perfect celebration of your relationship.

Top 5 Diamond Jewelry Items Perfect for Anniversary Gifting

Take your pick from the list below based on the accessory that your partner loves above all others.

1. Diamond Bolo Bracelets

As the name suggests, bolo bracelets have something to do with the bolo tie. They have a similar way of fastening, with both ends running through a clasp to adjust the size. Only in this case, the item is meant for the wrist. There are a huge variety of both trendy and classic designs in bolo bracelets to choose from. For instance, you could go completely elegant and get one embedded with a single row of diamonds. If you like a splash of color, choose a bracelet with a single gemstone in the center.

2. Diamond Solitaire Ring

Now, this is one accessory that every woman must-have. It is timeless, sophisticated, and versatile. With a single large diamond or gemstone as the centerpiece, a solitaire ring speaks of how special she is to you. Such rings are also an excellent choice for a milestone anniversary, such as your 5-year or 10th anniversary. You can also take your pick from white, yellow, and rose gold or sterling silver for the metal base of the ring. And, if you choose lab-grown diamonds over natural ones, solitaire rings can be very affordable.

3. Family Diamond Necklace

This diamond jewelry item symbolizes the family unit that you are part of. You can choose from pendants shaped like a couple or a family with children and more. They showcase the most important relationships in her life and can be a great way to acknowledge her hard work and dedication towards the family. Consider choosing a diamond necklace made of sterling silver if she has sensitive skin since this metal is hypoallergenic.

4. Hoop Diamond Earrings

While regular danglers and drop earrings are popular and stud earrings are quite convenient for daily wear, hoop diamond earrings make for a unique and incredibly feminine anniversary gift. You can choose from different sizes of hoops, based on her preference. If she likes chunky earrings, choose a large hoop. And, if she likes to daily wear earrings, consider small hoops. These earrings are elegant, with a single row of diamonds or gemstones embedded in the circular form. They add just the right feminine touch for a special occasion, as they do for daily wear.

5. Solitaire Diamond Necklaces

Diamond necklaces with one single diamond or a large diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds in a pendant might be a classic design but you should check out the trendiest styles in this timeless design. The major differences come in the throngs and metals used for the chain and pendant. The more the number of throngs to hold the diamond in place, the more durable the pendant will be. This way, it can be worn every day without fear of the gemstone falling out. These necklaces are available in sterling silver, gold, and platinum.

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