7 Best Push Present Jewelry Pieces

You may have heard the term push present in a recent discussion with your friends or colleagues, which is actually the baby-bauble version of the same occasion. The “push present” concept is widely gaining momentum, or can we say, a push with good reason.

What is a push present? It’s a gift given to a new mother at or following the birth of a child. Applauding the momma’s hard work and recognizing the miracle of bringing a life into the world should be etched with a gift that will sparkle forever. Of course, the baby itself is the most priceless gift to any new mom and partner, but we are yet to meet someone who will say no to a little extra dazzle and gift (read: push present jewelry). After all, making a baby and delivering that precious one safely into the world takes nine months and is not easy, and push gift jewelry recognizes the mom’s valiant efforts. Bravo mommy! You did it!

Shine for Me Momma

While push present jewelry is usually given by the new mom’s partner or close family, it can also be given by a close friend or colleague as a show of love. While fine jewelry makes for an ideal push present gift, it could be anything from a massage, a home-cooked meal, or anything that would make the new mommy smile. While looking for push present ideas, jewelry would definitely make a great choice! You can get creative but plan ahead as to when you would give the push present.

If you are the partner, a great idea would be to give a push gift ring just before the baby is born. It will definitely be a moment she will remember as you slip the ring on her finger moments after she gives birth. We love the Jewelili Ring accented with 1/4 Cttw natural white round diamonds owing to its simplicity and elegance.

Push present jewelry can also be given while the mom recovers from labor and recuperates. It is also common to wait until mom and baby are home and settled to be dazzled with a push gift ring. You may also get other push present jewelry like a push gift necklace and push present bracelet. But if a diamond ring is more your partner’s preference, then stick to a push present ring.

Another great option for a ring is the Jewelili Love Ring accented with diamonds. We love it because it summates all your emotions in a single cursive word – LOVE.

Memories That Last a Lifetime

You want to make sure that the moment you honor her with a piece of push gift jewelry is a moment that she will forever remember and look back at with love. You know what they say, a baby gives birth to a mother. It is indeed a special and emotional moment in both your lives as you take on the role of primary caregivers to a baby. A thoughtful push present shows you care and makes her feel special, right when she needs to.

If you are looking for a wholesome gift, consider the Jewelili Jewelry Set with a matching pendant necklace and studs sparkling with diamonds and white topaz. This is a sure-shot winner owing to an eye-catching sparkle and trendy design.

Finding the perfect push present jewelry for mom may sometimes get challenging, so we recommend playing it safe with our Jewelili Bolo Bracelet featuring a simulated green emerald and white sapphire

Welcome to the World, Little One

Another great idea that may bring on the waterworks is a birthstone push present that will commemorate the birth month of the newest member of your family. As we already know, each month has a unique birthstone assigned to it that showcases the beautiful attributes of the person born in that month.

For example, if the baby is born in July, you can gift the mom Jewelili Stud Earrings featuring that month’s stunning birthstone, i.e., the ruby. The addition of simulated white sapphires further sweetens the deal.

Celebrate a Christmas baby with our Jewelili Topaz and Diamond Stud Earrings, making for a beautiful December birthstone push present.

You could also consider an elegant initial necklace as a push present for mommy dearest. Or you could opt for the Jewelili Heart Pendant Necklace to show the beauty of all hearts uniting as one.

A new baby always brings with it love, hope, and joy! And push present jewelry is the perfect way to extend that into a sparkling gratitude. You can browse our entire collection of push-present jewelry for mom and enjoy free shipping and free returns within 30 days.

FAQs about Push Presents

What is a push present?

A push present is a gift given to the mother before or after giving birth. It is usually a piece of fine jewelry like a ring, necklace, bracelet, or a birthstone push present. The purpose of this gift is to appreciate the mom’s efforts for safely birthing the child into the world.

When to give a push present?

A push present gift can be given before or even shortly after a woman has given birth. Sometimes, however, push present jewelry or push gift jewelry is given at the hospital itself. Some partners like to slip on a diamond ring push present while the mom recovers from labor or hand it over just before the baby is born.

What is the best push present for my wife?

An initial necklace or birthstone jewelry will make a perfect push present for your wife. Push present jewelry or push gift jewelry, as it is commonly called, can even be a beautiful ring, braceletor earrings.

Who can give a push present?

A push present is usually given by a spouse or partner, but it can also be given by a close family member or friend. Push present jewelry is the ideal gift for a new mom, and you can make it even more special by picking a ring, bracelet or necklace featuring her or her baby’s birthstone

How much to spend on a push present?

The average range to spend on a push present is around $500-$1500, depending on the type of push present jewelry you purchase. Of course, this will vary based on your budget, requirement, and relation to the new mother. Generally, partners will definitely spend more on a push present gift as compared to friends or family.