5 Essential Pieces of Jewelry to Gift Your Family

Jewelry is timeless, which makes it the perfect choice for an everlasting gift. Many jewelry pieces are far more versatile than you might imagine. Some can even take your classic everyday look, like jeans and a tee, one notch higher. And who says jewelry is just for mothers. Fathers, the first hero to their sons and the first love of their daughters, can also be gifted jewelry.

So, this year, how about using the July birthstone jewelry as a birthday or wedding anniversary gift? Your family will cherish it for a long time to come. You can even choose customized pieces, with their names or the date engraved on them. Not sure yet? Take a look at 5 pieces of jewelry, including diamond anniversary bands, that can be the perfect gift for your parents.

1. Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone Jewelry

Do you have your parents' birthdays coming up and confused about what you should gift them? Why not choose birthstone jewelry this time? For instance, the birthstone for July is the ruby, which works great on jewelry. The fiery crimson color represents devotion, romance, and passion. So why not shop for birthstone jewelry this month and gift something they wouldn’t be expecting and take everyone by surprise? Another fun fact about birthstone jewelry is that they are known to have a healing effect on the wearer, especially if they wear the right gemstone for their birth month.

2. Band of Love

Diamond Anniversary Ring

You need not wait for a milestone wedding anniversary to gift your parents or other family members something memorable. Why not give them matching rings? Classic, simple, yet elegant, wedding anniversary rings can come in many styles and designs. So, pick something that your family members would love to wear. Pick from minimalistic yet classic diamond wedding bands or look for stylish contemporary designs, including rings made in white or rose gold and encrusted with diamonds or gemstones.

3. Matching Pendants

Cross Pendant Necklace

Wondering whether men would wear necklaces? Well, if you choose something classic that speaks to your parents, they just might. How about a beautiful cross pendant necklace? You can even choose to customize each pendant with your choice of gemstones and metal. This way each parent will get a pendant best suited for them, while the design remains common. Or choose a natural white diamond cross pendant necklace with a rope chain that is minimalistic enough for both to wear.

4. Bangles & Bracelets

White Diamond Accent Fashion Bracelet

You have always seen your mom working day and night, either at home or at the office? Why not give those precious hands a bracelet for some added sparkle? You could gift a single bracelet, like a tennis bracelet, which is elegant and sophisticated. Or gift a stack of thin bangles that she can wear for special occasions. Match it up with a chunky men’s bracelet for Dad. And if he doesn’t like to wear such jewelry, go back to the ever-favorite dog tag pendant, which you can customize with a special engraving or their birthstone. Remember, when you shop for birthstone jewelry online, make sure you check for free shipping and easy returns. This way you gain peace of mind too.

5. Earrings

Diamonds Cupid with Ruby Earrings

Yes, you can shop for his and hers earrings too. There are great options for men’s stud earrings online, made of the highest quality diamonds, gemstones, and metals. You can also pick earrings that are part of the July birthstone jewelry collection or match them with the wedding anniversary rings you are gifting. Of course, when it comes to women’s stud earrings, you will be simply spoilt for choice. From solitaire to birthstone jewelry, there is so much to shop for online. There are classic designs that are timeless and trendy designs that speak to the heart, quite literally, like the heart-shaped stud earrings in aquamarine gemstones. Why not make the gift for your family even more special by choosing unique designs in rose gold? This metal is hardier than yellow gold and the unique blush color will make the jewelry and the wearer stand out.

If you are intrigued with how July birthstone jewelry works, you can always check online for information on birthstones for every month of the year and then choose a gift that will speak of your love for the recipient. So, go ahead and choose a gift that will last a lifetime and remind your family how much you care each time they put on the jewelry.