Pamper New Moms With Our New Family Necklaces

Family, love, celebration, and legacy – all these words are supportive and interconnected with each other. Because there is no bigger celebration than family and what better way to hold your family close than as a piece of jewelry? A family necklace is a sparkling way to celebrate the unique bond that your family has especially when it signifies a myriad of emotions that go with it.

Family jewelry has gained popularity because it can be customized in a way that is true to your family – that’s the Jewelili way of showing that you matter to us. Whether you are a single mother, a large family, or have one child that gets all of your love, we see you and applaud you for all that you have done and are doing! In fact, you can pamper new moms with our collection of new family necklaces as a thoughtful gift that she will forever cherish.

One for all and all for one

For couples who are going to have their first child our Jewelili Parents with One-Child Family Pendant Necklace accented with 1/10 Cttw Natural White Round Diamonds set in Sterling Silver makes for a great family necklace. Give the gift of love to new moms as they embark on this beautiful journey of motherhood and celebrate the bond with this special necklace. We are sure she will always remember it!

You can also opt for the Jewelili Family Heart Pendant Necklace with Parents and One Child set in Sterling Silver which is a beautiful rendition of a family encased in a heart. Symbolizing love in the best way possible, isn’t it?

Two is a party

When you realize that 2 plus 2 equals a party, our Jewelili Parent and Two Children Family Pendant Necklace set in Sterling Silver is apt for you! Showcasing a family of 4 in a loving embrace, we think this is what they meant when they say perfect family, isn’t it?

Another option to showcase your beautiful family of four is our Jewelili Family Heart Pendant Necklace With Parent and Two Children set in Sterling Silver. They say keep your family close to your heart and this is just the right way to do that!

Three times the love

The Jewelili Parents and Three Children Family Heart Pendant Necklace set in Sterling Silver is a heartwarming depiction of a big happy family. It really is three times the love and three times the fun, don’t you agree?

Go ahead and celebrate your big happy family and make it special with our gift of four children too, because each child is a special gift, isn’t it? That’s four times the love and four times the sparkle!

Making the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary, or to a new mother, these family pendants or necklaces are a great way to show her that you care. It is a lovely reminder of the bond that the family shares so get a family pendant for Mom and show her you can get her a gift she is sure to love. You can always get family gold jewelry or gemstone necklace pendants as a memento of your bond.

Some more sparkle

Can I customize family necklaces?

At Jewelili, we believe that every family is different and that’s what makes them so special. You can choose any combination that best symbolizes your family as we offer a large range – including a design for single mothers too.

Family Tree Necklaces vs. Family Necklaces

Family tree necklaces showcase the names of everyone in the family and are a great way to see how the family grows and etch it in jewelry that can be passed down forever. Family necklaces are another way to wear your family’s love around your neck and may or may not have the names of all the members but depict each family member in a standardized way. Either of the two makes for a great jewelry purchase.

What does family necklace represent?

A family necklace or family jewelry symbolizes love, respect, and memories that make the unit unique. It is of great sentimental value and is a reminder of the ultimate joy that binds you all together.