Purr-fect Diamond Jewelry Ideas to Gift Cat Moms

International Cat Day is knocking at the door! It is on August 8 each year. The day was announced by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2022 to increase awareness about cats and encourage people to protect and help them through adoption. Did you know that cats are one of the most ancient pets? In fact, the Ancient Egyptians used to worship them! The earliest known cat deity was Mafdet. She was believed to protect people from evil, scorpions, and snakes during Egypt's First Dynasty.

After the collapse of the Egyptian dynasty, cats became popular everywhere. Romans and Greeks used them to control pests. The upper classes in the East started adopting cats. However, their reputation suffered during the Middle Ages. They started to be associated with superstition and were seen as carriers of disease during the 1348 Black Death epidemic. Thousands of cats were killed during the period. However, their popularity started to grow again in the 1600s.

In America, cats were included in the cargo on colonial ships to reduce disease and vermin while at sea. They flourished on going ashore too. Today, cats are among the pop icons in our society! It’s fascinating how many of us relate to cats in many ways. So if you are outgoing, fearless, curious, spontaneous, friendly, smart, and inventive, you are a cat person. And if you already own one, you are a cat mom too!

Jewelili is here with the purr-fect diamond jewelry gifts for cat moms. These jewelry pieces will appeal to you even if you aren’t just a cat person but also an animal lover. Here’s a look.

Cat Mom Necklace

Evoke the cat mom in you with our exquisite sterling silver diamond enamel cat pendant necklace. The mom cat is carved in black enamel, while the kitten is in white enamel. They are beautifully lined together with glittering diamonds. It’s a charming design that symbolizes your unique bond with your kitty. Even if you don’t have a cat, this is a great way to symbolize the special bond between a mother and daughter. If you love monochrome accessories, this cat mom jewelry piece could be the perfect pick!

Cat Heart Necklace

Does your friend miss her cat the moment she leaves home? Gift her our sterling silver cat diamond pendant necklace with a rose gold heart bow. The jewelry piece for the cat mom will keep her furry baby close to her heart at all times. The two-tone metal combination in this necklace makes it a standout gift.

Cat Playing With A Yarn Ball

Love your kitty to the moon and back? Express that this International Cat Day with our sterling silver cat pendant necklace in black and white diamonds. It shows a cat trying to play with a yarn ball. It accurately portrays the inherent curiosity of this animal and celebrates its personality.

Dancing Cat Necklace

Do you like playful pets? Well, cats are one of the most playful and spontaneous animals. Celebrate this adorable trait with our sterling silver diamond dancing cat pendant necklace. This August 8, embrace this pet jewelry piece and take a step towards adopting a homeless kitten. She will make you a happy cat mom!

Cat Ring

Help them keep their four-legged baby’s memory alive with our sterling silver diamond cat ring. We are sure the cat mom’s heart will melt with this jewelry gift. It can motivate her to welcome a new kitten into her world and shower love on her new baby.

Check out our vast collection of jewelry gifts for cat moms and animal lovers. They come in different impressive designs and shapes. Explore our other animal designs if you want other kinds of pet jewelry for women. We offer super-competitive prices, amazing discounts, free shipping, and 30-day easy returns on all our jewelry pieces. Plus, the jewelry is delivered in high-quality protective gift boxes and fabric-lined pouches. So, start shopping right away to enjoy all these perks!

Some More Sparkle

Can I wear diamond cat mom jewelry every day?

Sure! Diamonds score 10/10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Therefore, they are tough enough for daily wear. However, the jewelry pieces can accumulate sweat and dust from repeated use. So, clean them regularly by soaking them in water and adding very few drops of mild dish soap. Store them in the individual jewelry box/pouch in which they were delivered when not in use.

What does cat jewelry symbolize?

Cat jewelry symbolises spontaneity, flexibility, and mystery.

Is it bad luck to wear cat jewelry?

Not at all! It is a common myth, but no proof supports that it is bad luck to wear cat jewelry.