Top 5 Sapphire Birthstone Jewelry Gifts for September-Born Loved Ones

Did you know that sapphire is known as the royal gemstone because it has been a favorite among kings and queens since 275 BCE? The royalty and elites chose this vibrant gemstone as a symbol of power and wealth. The ancient Greek, Persian, and Indian cultures have also favored Sapphire birthstones for their auspiciousness.

Believed to bring wealth and prosperity, the blue gem has been used in amulets, crowns, neckpieces, and even as embellishments on the robes of kings and queens. They are said to provide protection against the enemy and evil due to their powerful celestial aura. Today, sapphire is considered the birthstone for September and is believed to bestow wisdom and spirituality on the wearer. Jewelry set with this vibrant blue stone is also said to promote authority, courage, and boldness in the wearer. The blue color symbolizes confidence, growth, and grandeur.

The British royal family is especially fond of sapphires, with this gemstone gracing the royal crown and even Lady Diana’s engagement ring. Legends say it has the power to cure both mental and physical illnesses. So, if a loved one is born in September, they certainly deserve this powerhouse of positive energy as the ideal birthday gift. The best part is that you can find exquisite sapphire and diamond jewelry online at the most competitive prices right here at Jewelili.

Not sure what designs to choose from in the September birthstone, sapphire? Here are our top picks to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Teardrop Pendant Necklace

Check out our blue sapphire birthstone necklace with the timelessly classic teardrop-shaped center stone set with a lining of white sapphires. This piece is ageless and designed in sterling silver to give a striking contrast. You can as easily gift it to your grandmother as you can to your granddaughter. The classic box chain adds a touch of elegance to the necklace.

Pink Sapphire Halo Cushion Ring

Planning to propose to her on her birthday? You need the perfect ring! And what could be better than a round pink sapphire birthstone laid in a cushion setting of white sapphires? Her birthday, her birthstone, her special present. Can it get any better? Plus, pink sapphires are as cheap as they are uncommon, making them a unique gift.

Pendant and Stud Earring Set

Don't stay on the sidelines. It is your special one's birthday! Gift her an heirloom design with cushion-cut blue sapphires. A jewelry set with a sapphire birthstone pendant and stud earrings that she can mix and match with numerous outfits and thank you forever. The classic design and the timeless setting make it one of the bestsellers from our sapphire jewelry collection.

Marguerite Pendant Necklace

Did you know that Princess Diana was gifted an oval-shaped blue Ceylon sapphire birthstone ring for her engagement? This ring was then gifted by Prince William to his fiancée, Kate Middleton. Make your queen feel special with our Ceylon sapphire birthstone necklace. This regal necklace is designed in yellow gold to add a little drama to the striking contrast of blue and white sapphires.

Sapphire Bracelet with an Infinity Twist

Show your love to your beloved with our heart sterling silver oval-shaped blue sapphire and white diamond bracelet. The strikingly blue sapphire birthstones on this bracelet are interspersed with the infinity symbol in sterling silver, representing your endless love for her.

Bonus: Sapphire Birthday Gifts for Him

We are not leaving your man behind! Gift your man a unisex sterling silver and yellow gold crisscross ring with blue and white sapphires. The dual tone of the metals and the striking contrast of the blue and white gemstones make for a trendy fashion statement. If the September-born man in your life doesn’t like rings, no problem! A timeless pair of solitaire sapphire birthstone earrings with our white gold with white sapphire studs.

Some More Sparkle

Is sapphire jewelry tough to maintain?

Certainly not! It is very easy to clean with just a little warm water and soap. Use a soft fabric to wipe dry and get the lustrous glow back. Keep it away from chemicals, such as those in makeup, perfumes, etc. And store the jewelry in separate pouches or boxes to avoid scratches and dents.

Is sapphire jewelry available only in blue color?

No, you can find different shades of sapphire jewelry on Jewelili.

Can I buy birthday gift jewelry under $300?

At Jewelili, you can choose gifts under various budgets, right from under $50 to $500. Whatever your budget, you are sure to find exquisite fine jewelry to choose from.