What Does Each Gemstone Ring Signify

From the classic to the most on-trend, you can never have just one gemstone ring. From sapphires to emeralds and pearls to diamonds, the combinations and designs seem almost limitless. Imagine wearing your little black dress, with black stilettos and then giving a good punch of color with a gemstone ring that has a huge ruby at the center. Add ruby red lipstick and you are all set to turn heads wherever you go. Then there’s the timeless diamond solitaire ring, which can be the perfect accessory for almost any look.

But did you know that each gemstone is said to impact the wearer in different ways? Since ancient times, gemstones and crystals have been used for their healing powers. So, if you’re thinking of getting yourself or gifting a loved one gemstone rings, take a look at what each gemstone signifies before you buy rings online.

Top 9 Gemstones in Rings and the Significance

While there might not be any scientific proof of the power of gemstones, different cultures across the world have believed in their varied properties for centuries. Here are our top 9 picks and their significance explained briefly:

1. Diamond

Diamonds on gemstone rings usually symbolize “endless.” Yes, it literally signifies infinity as well as limitless possibilities. This meaning has more to do with time, rarity, commitment, and even love when we gift a diamond ring. The gemstone is also said to also help overcome obstacles in life through the energy that it gives out.

White Diamond Ring

2. Ruby

These stunning red stones have been associated with the Sun and its life-nurturing properties. Rubies are often thought to bring courage and power. The gemstone also instills the idea of kind-heartedness and ambition at the same time. So, it might also symbolize the coexistence of contradictions, although we would like to believe that being kind would not come in the way of an individual’s ambitions.

Ruby Gemstone Ring

3. Sapphire

This gemstone signifies truth and sincerity and is said to inspire greater focus and discipline in the wearer. Sapphires studded on gemstone rings come in brilliant blue and green colors and make for the ideal accessory for evening wear or a visit to the local bar with friends on a Friday night. It also can be worn with workwear if you wish to experience its benefits of better focus at work.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Ring

4. Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is known to have healing properties in terms of mental and emotional health. Many claim that it helps to fight depression. It is also said to bring inner peace and promote self-expression. A lot of people believe that it also helps in bringing the wearer mental stability.

5. Opal

This stone is said to help you express more from the heart. It has also been associated with the oceans and all marine life. Some claim that this gemstone helps enhance the wearer’s personality while also improving their overall metabolism. We recommend not alternating exercising with wearing an opal though!

Opal Gemstone Ring

6. Emerald

If you want an engagement or wedding gemstone that straight away signifies a happy and peaceful married life, this green stone is perfect for your gemstone ring. It is also said to have healing properties, with legends associating the gemstone with warding off evil spirits. Both emeralds and rubies have also been part of the crown jewels of several cultures across history.

Emerald Gemstone Band Ring

7. Aquamarine

These bluish-tinged gemstones are associated with tranquility, confidence, and self-awareness. They have great aesthetic value and are perfect as anniversary rings. The subtle color of the stone also adds to its old-world charm. While some claim that it has healing powers, we recommend the gemstone for its timeless appeal.

Aquamarine Gemstone Ring

8. Pearl

Pearls have long been associated with purity, innocence, and focus. It is said to help people with hypertension and anger management issues in some cultures. While naturally sourced pearls can be very expensive, lab-grown gemstones are not just much more affordable while being as beautiful, they are vegan too. They also make for great jewelry, like necklaces and earrings.

Diamond Pearl Ring

9. Amethyst

The ancient Greeks associated amethysts with the wine god Bacchus. They literally believed that the gemstone could prevent drunkenness. We believe that not drinking is the only way to assure not getting drunk but can’t help admiring the violet and purple hues of the gemstone. Amethyst has also been claimed to influence the wearer with clear-headedness and a quick wit.

Green Amethyst Gemstone Ring

While these claims are not substantiated scientifically, what can be proven is the way gemstone rings make you feel. Check out the wide collection of enchanting designs and styles available online and see which ones speak to you. And, don’t just stop at buying one gemstone ring online!

Some More Sparkle

Which gemstone ring is best?

It really depends on personal preference on what you would consider the best option, but in gemstone rings, a diamond is the most popular option.

Why do people wear gemstone rings?

People wear different gemstone rings for different reasons. Every gemstone posses certain qualities - whether it is wearing a ruby ring to boost confidence or a sapphire ring to calm your mind or an emeral ring to enhance your intellectual skills.

What are the 3 types of rings?

There are 3 types of rings are:

  • Promise Rings - these rings are usually given to someone who are dating and want to symbolise the strengthening of your relationship.
  • Engagement Rings - when it is time to get down on one and propose to the person who wish to spend the rest of your life with, an engagement ring is what you choose.
  • Wedding Bands - those “I do” moments need to be made official by exchanging two people and tying them together in holy matrimony.

Can an engagement ring be a gemstone?

Yes, absolutely!

Which gemstone is most popular?

No doubt, diamond is the most popular choice for a gemstone ring. Other options are ruby, emerald and sapphires.