What's so special about animal jewelry? They are versatile, adorable, and can reflect your personality beautifully. Each animal is rich with specific symbolism. So, choose different pieces of animal jewelry, such as pet necklaces, to represent different sides of your personality. They can even be worn to reflect your love for nature. Moreover, jewelry designs based on pets can keep your furry babies close to your heart, irrespective of their physical presence around you. Here are 10 wonderful designs for everyday wear.

Animal Jewelry – Pets

Dog Paw Earrings

Dogs stand for faithfulness, loyalty, and unconditional love. If these are your personality traits too, go ahead and sport our sterling silver blue diamond dog paw studs. These animal earrings can also be perfect if you're a dog-lover. Plus, these are lightweight and convenient to wear every day.

Cat Ring

Are you independent, assertive, and also spontaneous? Congratulations! You're a cat person! Express that with our sterling silver diamond cat ring. This animal ring can also be ideal if you're a cat mom. Silver animal jewelry weighs much less than platinum and is hypoallergenic. So, you can wear it daily.

Animal Jewelry – Terrestrials

Panda Necklace

In Eastern cultures, the panda is believed to symbolize luck and peace. If you're a peace-loving person, showcase your personality with our black diamond panda pendant necklace in sterling silver and enamel. This cute animal necklace is a great way to make a fashion statement too.

Elephant Ring

In African cultures, the elephant is revered as a representation of power and strength. It's also believed to depict loyalty, a cooperative spirit, wisdom, intelligence, good luck, and majesty. Therefore, for a richly meaningful animal ring, you can choose our sterling silver elephant ring in blue and white diamonds. The ring is lightweight enough for daily wear.

Animal Jewelry – Amphibians

Turtle Necklace

A turtle has also been bestowed with rich symbolism. Since it can defend itself, it portrays self-protection. Also, remember how by being slow and steady, the turtle wins the race? Therefore, turtles also represent steadfastness, patience, and perseverance. If you have these qualities, wear our sterling silver whimsical turtle pendant necklace in white sapphire and green quartz. It can also be an attractive pet necklace, considering that they are being considered as pets by an increasing number of households.

Frog Necklace

In Ancient Egypt, the frog was thought to stand for fertility and rejuvenation. In Egyptian mythology, the frog-headed Heket was a water goddess. Moreover, toads and frogs are believed to bring the rain and bestow prosperity. So, if you want richly symbolic animal jewelry, choose our sterling silver dancing diamond frog pendant necklace.

Animal Jewelry – Birds

Owl Bracelet

The owl is emblematic of wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence. If you have these qualities, you're an owl person. Showcase that with our sterling silver owl bolo bracelet in white and champagne diamonds. Since silver is a light hypoallergenic metal, the animal jewelry piece can be conveniently worn daily.

Animal Jewelry – Insects

Butterfly Bracelet

Butterflies represent optimism, growth, change, and vibrancy. If your personality has all these sides, express them with our sterling silver diamond butterfly bracelet. The sleek design is great for everyday wear.

Dragonfly Earrings

Both butterflies and dragonflies undergo metamorphosis. Therefore, dragonflies also stand for evolution. If you courageously embrace life changes, dragonfly studs can be appropriate animal earrings for you. For a touch of fandom and fantasy, choose something unique like the Disney Mulan rhodolite garnet dragonfly studs in white and rose gold.

Animal Jewelry – The Marine World

Seahorse Necklace

Seahorses are believed to represent intuition, strong vision, magic, charm, and good fortune. To enrich your aura with these elements, wear our sterling silver seahorse pendant necklace in diamonds and opal. Opal is the October birthstone and the white stones can add serenity to your look.

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Some More Sparkle

Can I buy matching animal jewelry pieces online at Jewelili?

Yes. Certain designs, like the butterfly, are available in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings in a common metal like sterling silver and matching gemstone, such as diamonds.

How can I buy an animal ring of the right fit?

You can download and print our ring size measure guide. Follow it to measure your ring size correctly. Then refer to the international ring size chart guide on the product page. Choose a suitable ring size from the given options on the webpage.

What animal jewelry is available on Jewelili?

You can browse and buy different kinds of animal jewelry such as dog, cat, owl, panda, elephant, turtle, frog, etc.