6 Statement Necklaces to Wear Once You're Back to Work After a Summer Vacation

Are you used to wearing minimal accessories with your office wear? You aren’t alone. But now that you will be back to work after a long summer vacation, express your excitement and renewed energy through stylish and trendy jewelry. At Jewelili, you will be spoilt for choice with our vast collection of gemstone and diamond necklaces. Take a look at our top picks of statement necklaces for your back-to-office look.

Infinity Necklace

Summer runways in 2022 showed that gold is the new black. So, slay your back-to-office look in our rose gold diamond infinity statement necklace. Since rose gold has a delicate blush hue, it will look subtle. The diamonds running along a diagonal line will give a stylish touch to the infinity sign. The pendant is sleek and lightweight, perfect for office wear. Wear it with your go-to white shirt, pencil skirt, and heels. Keep the first button of the shirt open to highlight the pendant. It will add a pop of color to your monochrome ensemble.

Twist Necklace

You can also choose a fashion accessory that complements your outfit instead of contrasting ones. For example, you can sport a white shirt with a black pencil skirt with our sterling silver twist pendant necklace in black and white diamonds. Carry a sophisticated black leather bag to elevate your overall appeal. You will look classy and elegant. Finish off with a nude lip color to create a balance with subtlety.

Cross Necklace

Bring on your checkered formal suit. You are going for a Hailey Bieber look! Formal yet chic. Style your look with our sterling silver diamond cross statement necklace. The intersecting lines of the cross will accentuate the checkered pattern. Try to layer the necklace with two thin solitaire pendant necklaces in different diamond cuts (like round and princess cuts). Wear them higher than the main necklace for the iconic graduated look. Choose a neutral-colored handbag and matching stiletto heels. You will look elegant.

Teardrop Necklace

The teardrop design is a classic choice for pendants. It resembles a drop and exudes a combination of grace and style. Wear a solid-colored formal suit. Pick from warm neutral shades like apricot, beige, and coffee. Pair the outfit with our diamond teardrop statement necklace in sterling silver and rose gold. The slight touch of rose gold will complement the warm color of your outfit. If it has a bold color, keep your other accessories (bag and shoes) light-colored, and vice-versa. You will look minimal yet fashionable.

Heart Necklace

Yellow gold doesn't look excessive when carved into a sleek design, and combined with white metal or diamonds. So, even an informal design like the heart can blend with your formal look seamlessly. Put on a shirt and a pair of grey trousers. Wear our gold diamond double heart statement necklace. Keep the first button of your shirt open to showcase the necklace. The pendant is small and will complete your look in a subtle way. Grey heels and a black handbag will look flattering with your ensemble.

Solitaire Pendant Necklace

This is the most minimal necklace you can lay your hands on. A solitaire pendant goes with every type of formal wear and expresses your poise and sophistication. Put on a fashionable shirt-style top with long cuffed sleeves. Choose a trendy color like olive green. Pair the shirt with jet black trousers. Then wear our white gold solitaire round diamond pendant necklace. You will look classy.

Bold to classy, minimal to quirky, everything is covered under our spectacular collection of statement necklaces for women. Explore other options from our website as well. You can always find something suited for your favorite formal outfits. On each purchase, you can enjoy competitive prices, great deals and offers, free shipping, and 30-day easy returns. So, don’t wait any longer. Start shopping at Jewelili!

Some More Sparkle

Can I pair statement necklaces with other jewelry pieces?

Yes, you certainly can. But make sure the other jewelry pieces are tiny, such as solitaires. For instance, you can wear a classic teardrop pendant necklace with solitaire earrings and/or a solitaire ring. This will prevent you from overdoing it and retain the focus on your necklace.

Can I make a statement with other jewelry pieces?

Why not? You can wear statement formal knot or teardrop earrings, crossover rings, and tennis bracelets. Keep your other jewelry pieces and accessories to a minimum.