Elevate Your Formal Look with Diamond Drop Earrings

Drop earrings, as the name suggests, drop right below your earlobes. Usually, these are simple earrings with attachments like charms or gemstones. What makes these earrings elegant is that they have very little movement, despite hanging just below the earlobe. This is why they work well with formal attire. They have a minimalistic design and yet look stylish. Diamond drops, in particular, make a good choice since they have a sophisticated charm.

But that doesn't mean drop earrings need to be boring. If you choose a special design, you can certainly elevate your formal look. This is where Jewelili comes to the rescue. You can choose from one of the widest selections of designs in earrings right here. To make the choice simpler, here are some of our best diamond drop earrings to elevate your fashion statement.

Tiny Heart Drops

You may think that heart jewelry doesn’t really go with a formal look. But, if you choose drops with miniature hearts below a thin metal stem, they will definitely look subtle yet charming. An example is a pair of white gold diamond heart drop earrings. Since they look simple, you can wear them every day to work too. Sweep up your hair into an updo or ponytail to highlight the earrings. Put on a white collared shirt and dress pants and your effortlessly chic work outfit is ready!

Medium Infinity Drops

Say, you're dressing up for a business meeting. Then, consider accessorizing with medium-sized drop earrings. They would suit the event just right A good choice could be a pair of stationary medium drops like the sterling silver infinity drop earrings in black and white diamonds. Monochrome is always classy. So are these earrings. Moreover, the black and white diamonds will strike a perfect contrast. Wear the earrings with a grey high-neck sweater paired with a black bodycon skirt and be ready to impress them with your presentation skills!

Medium Twist Drops

When it comes to a small office party, you can again sport medium-sized drops without hesitation. However, since parties are more of a semi-formal event, you can choose drop earrings that have slight movement and come in a sleek design. The perfect pick could be a pair of sterling silver twist drop earrings in green and white diamonds. The dark green diamonds would add a touch of color, especially with a red Christmas sweater. Not a Christmas party?Go ahead and sport the earrings with an emerald green camisole dress. You'll look ravishing.

Opal and Diamond Drops

What kind of drop earrings should you choose for a weekend seminar? Pick the sterling silver drop earrings in diamonds and Ethiopian opal. The soft color of the opals will create a contrast with the sparkling diamonds while looking dainty. Since the earrings have neutral colors, different weekend outfits can be paired beautifully with them.

Morganite and Diamond Drops

Say, you're looking for suitable diamond drops for a lecture series. The rose gold drop earrings in diamonds and morganite could be ideal. Since morganite has a pale pink color, it won't pop much but have a subtle sparkle beside the thin lining of diamonds. You can sport the earrings with a collared long-sleeve dress in a muted shade. Your outfit and accessories would be perfect for this formal stage event.

When you shop for diamond drops at Jewelili, you can choose from a variety of designs at the most competitive prices. Moreover, we offer attractive discounts, deals, and offers on diamond jewelry for women and men, including on drop earrings. So, you can be sure of added savings. Plus, you can enjoy easy 30-day returns and free shipping on your orders. So, go ahead and get ready to be in the limelight at the next formal event with diamond and gemstone jewelry online from us. Start shopping now!

Some More Sparkle

How are drop earrings different from dangle earrings?

Drop earrings drop right below the earlobes, while dangle earrings are usually longer. When you move your head, drops show minimal movements and danglers swing more.

What kind of hairstyles look good with drop earrings?

Since drop earrings are small, you can tug your open hair behind your ears or tie it into a braid, ponytail or bun to give full exposure to the earrings.

Can I find drops with matching jewelry pieces at Jewelili?

Certainly. If you choose drop earrings in designs like heart, infinity and twist, you can shop for matching standalone jewelry pieces from our website.