5 Types of Cross with Heart Pendants That You Will Love

With love in the air, it is only natural that we take a moment to admire the hearts all around us, especially when they come in the form of adorable Cross with heart pendants! The shape is widely loved and oh-so timeless, making for the perfect addition to your jewelry box or even a classic gift to that special someone! And when you fuse the intrinsic heart with the stellar cross shape, the result is definitely a winner!

Share the love with our Cross with Heart Pendants or cross with heart necklaces that you absolutely need to get your hands on now! These could easily be styled to take your outfit up a whole level and become great conversation starters. Not only your everyday wear, but these Cross necklaces with heart in the middle can also immediately take your eveningwear up a notch.

Wear your heart on your neck

Redefining the cross with a whole lot of love (and hearts), the Jewelili Cross Pendant Necklace With 1/6 Cttw Natural Diamonds set in Sterling Silver is a real heart stealer. Adorable yet sophisticated, it is a gorgeous type of cross pendant.

An unbreakable bond

Why wear one when you can wear two? Showcase your love with two hearts against a sparkling cross in the Jewelili Double Heart Cross Pendant Necklace with 1/10 Cttw Diamonds set in Sterling Silver and 10K Rose Gold. Now that’s a heart and cross necklace that we would love to see on you!

A little different

For those who are looking to break the monotony, our Jewelili Heart Cross Pendant Necklace accented with Created Pink Sapphire, Created Opal and Natural Round Diamonds is a popular choice.

Wrapped around

Stylish and elegant, this rose gold heart wrapped around the cross is sure to win hearts everywhere you go. Get the Jewelili Heart Cross Pendant Necklace accented with 1/10 Cttw Diamonds set in14K Rose Gold Over Sterling Silver and you will enjoy the fact that your love and faith come together with a sparkle.

Monochrome Love

The Jewelili Two-Tone Heart Pendant Necklace accented with 1/5 Cttw Treated Black Diamond and White Diamonds set in Sterling Silver and 10K Rose Gold is ideal for when you want to keep your faith close in a simplistic design.

The popular heart is constantly being reimagined and redesigned but its meaning remains the same. And with the addition of the cross, this is one design that you just cannot get enough of. So go ahead, let your spirits soar with love and elevate your style with this absolutely charming trend.

Some more sparkle

When to gift a cross heart necklace?

You can gift a cross heart necklace on any occasion you wish to, after all, it’s all about love! You can get her one of many types of cross pendants on Mother’s Day, Graduation, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, or even “Just because”.

What does cross with heart signify?

It is said that the universal heart symbol represents the love we receive from God as well as give to the God Almighty and the Cross is also considered a symbol of love. Beautiful, isn’t it? When both come together, we are reminded to give and appreciate the love.

Whom can I gift a cross with heart pendant?

You can gift this to your wife, friend, mother, sister, daughter or even a colleague.