The year 2022 has been all about being bold and beautiful. The spring runways opened up a world of glam, and showed the charm of whopping rings, layered necklaces, chunky links, and more. These styles ruled for the rest of the year and are likely to define fashion in 2023 as well. Time to style jewelry in trendy ways and rock your everyday look with the latest designs. So, here are some of the top jewelry trends of 2022 that you must follow.

Colored Gemstones

This year has been about sporting chunky gemstone jewelry that lends a pop of color and an edge to the design. The more colors a jewelry piece has, the more outfits you can pair it with. Also, multicolored outfits are popular in both vintage and modern styles. Multi-gemstone jewelry can help you slay both effortlessly.

So, check out our jewelry collection, especially the butterfly gemstone pendant necklace in amethyst, Swiss blue topaz, peridot, white sapphire, and sterling silver. Another example is our sterling silver diamond, amethyst, and peridot floral gemstone engagement ring.

Mixed Materials

“Mix and match” has been a major fashion trend for a long time. This year, we saw more of how different materials can be mixed to sport a fun and chic look. These materials can be various gemstones and even different metals styled together to make a bold statement.

At Jewelili, you can find some of the most exquisite two-tone and tri-tone jewelry pieces to sport this style. For example, you can check out our yellow gold over sterling silver tortoise diamond studs for women and our rose gold over sterling silver infinity heart diamond bolo bracelet.

Statement Rings

Oversized rings never go out of fashion! They look classy and quirky and add an edge to your personality. Celebrities like Johnny Depp and Beyoncé have proven this time and again. These pieces of bling are usually cocktail rings that help you make a fashion statement on any occasion.

If you're looking for statement/cocktail rings, you will feel spoilt for choice at Jewelili. We have two great suggestions for you. The first is our yellow gold over sterling silver diamond cluster ring for women. The second is our sterling silver diamond cross texture men's ring.

Modern Links

Link bracelets have been all the rage in recent years. Initially, they used to be sported mostly by men. Men's link bracelets are usually bold and feature larger chain links. But women's link bracelets are gaining prominence now. These range from chunky, more masculine links to dainty designs with gemstone embellishments.

For your delight, Jewelili has fashionable link bracelets for both men and women. Men can try our yellow gold over sterling silver diamond link bracelet, while women can check out our sterling silver opal link bracelet lined with diamonds.

Dazzling Eveningwear

Just like evening outfits tend to be more glamorous than daywear, evening jewelry needs to add extra sparkle. As the years have rolled by, evening jewelry has become more fashionable and gorgeous. Runways this year revealed some stunning evening bling. Drawing inspiration from this, you can sport some amazing designs this holiday season.

We offer both dazzling jewelry sets and standalone sparklers that you can match to complete your look for an evening event or party. An example of a scintillating set is our sterling silver over brass set of heart-shaped amethyst and cubic zirconia jewelry. It comprises a gemstone heart necklace, ring, studs, and bangle. To wear coordinated jewelry pieces, you can pick our sterling silver emerald gemstone teardrop pendant necklace and match it with our drop earrings in emerald and pearl.

Layered Necklaces

Layering necklaces is unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. It has been a prominent style on the 2022 runways. They add more depth to your look and a hint of boldness and quirkiness to your style. This jewelry style is so versatile that it can go with both casual/street-style and statement looks.

Ready to slay with a layered look? Consider layering our sterling silver diamond cross pendant necklace and diamond long chain necklace. The long chain falls below the cross to create a graduated look.

Go ahead and check out our myriad other gemstone and diamond jewelry pieces. With our affordable prices, big discounts, free shipping, and 30-day easy returns, we are sure you won’t be able to stop shopping at just one jewelry piece!

Some More Sparkle

What kind of metals should I choose for jewelry for daytime and evening events?

For daytime events, you can wear sterling silver and rose gold jewelry. Yellow gold jewelry is more suitable for evening events.

What kind of gemstone jewelry should I wear at a party?

If it is a day party, consider jewelry studded with light-colored gemstones like pearls, aquamarine, opal, citrine, and white and champagne diamonds. For an evening event, you can wear jewelry featuring darker or more vibrant gems like garnet, amethyst, emerald, ruby, peridot, blue sapphire, tanzanite, and blue and black diamonds.