The beautiful and enigmatic butterfly is often considered to be symbolic of transformation, spiritual rebirth, hope, change, and life. But the fact that they flit from flower to flower and garden to meadow also means that they could be a perfect representation of wanderlust. If this is something you identify with too, express your inner wanderlust through butterfly jewelry. At Jewelili, you can find myriad butterfly jewelry designs to match your fashion taste. Here are some of our stunning pieces.

Butterfly Necklaces

Multi-Gemstone Butterfly Necklace

Butterflies are colorful, which brings to mind joy. Represent your wanderlust with these colors by choosing our sterling silver butterfly pendant necklace in diamonds, Swiss blue topaz, and opal. The blue topaz glows against the iridescent opal for a striking contrast.

Monochrome Butterfly Necklace

If you like monochrome accessories, you can pick a butterfly necklace in black and white. An example is our sterling silver butterfly pendant necklace in black and white diamonds. The contrast of the white and black diamonds will accentuate your bold look. You could even go completely Gothic with this necklace.

Butterfly Rings

White Butterfly Ring

White represents serenity, and so does the pure soul of butterflies. To showcase the purity of your wanderlust, you can sport our sterling silver white diamond butterfly ring. The thin diamond-lined wings will shimmer and look graceful.

Two-Tone Butterfly Ring

If the wings of a butterfly jewelry piece come in dual colors, they could look even more attractive. Want such a design? Then pick our white diamond butterfly ring with sterling silver and rose gold wings. The two-tone metal combination would look delightful and chic.

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Butterfly Earrings

Multi Crystal Butterfly Earrings

The best way to highlight your neck is with sparkle on your ears. So, pick a suitable butterfly jewelry piece. If you like a pop of multiple colors, choose our yellow gold butterfly stud earrings in white and pink Preciosa crystals. The yellow metal adds another color to the dual colors of the wings and looks stunning.

White Butterfly Earrings

You can even make your ears glitter in white. For that, you can choose our sterling silver white diamond butterfly stud earrings. The white metal enhances the glow of the white diamonds. The studs look stylish, with one pair of wings studded with diamonds and the other pair simply crafted in sterling silver.

Butterfly Bracelet

White Butterfly Bracelet

Why leave out your beautiful wrist when you embellish yourself in butterfly jewelry? Bejewel it with our sterling silver white diamond butterfly bracelet. The sleek bracelet will delicately highlight your wrist, with the butterfly being the center of attention. You can wear such butterfly jewelry with outfits of any hue since white is a neutral base that can be paired with diverse colors.

At Jewelili, you can choose from a wide assortment of butterfly jewelry online. You can also choose standalone pieces of a similar design to create a jewelry set. If you want to shop on a budget, worry not. We offer jewelry at the most competitive prices along with regular discounts and special offers to help you save while shopping. Among other facilities, you can enjoy our 30-days easy returns policy and free shipping. Your orders will be delivered in high-quality protective boxes and pouches that you can use to store or gift jewelry.

Some More Sparkle

Does butterfly jewelry symbolise anything?

Butterfly jewelry is supposed to signify rebirth, beauty, and the beginning of a new life (or new chapter in your life).

On what occasions can I gift butterfly jewelry?

You can gift such jewelry on Mother's Day, Promise Day, Valentine's Day, graduation, birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, "just because," and more.

Is it good to wear butterfly necklace?

Since butterflies represent the end of old cycles and the beginning of a new life, it can be good to wear a butterfly necklace and maintain good luck as you turn over a leaf.