Halloween allows you to experiment in amazing ways with your costumes and accessories. Speaking of accessories, we can't skip fashion jewelry. Halloween is the perfect time to dress up as your fave fantasy characters. The jewelry you accessorize with can perfectly complete your look and help you stand out from the crowd.

At Jewelili, we bring fandom jewelry that can help you replicate the look of your chosen character from Disney movies or the Star Wars franchise. But how should you style the jewelry pieces for a showstopper look? Here are 5 classic jewelry styles to pair with 7 Halloween costume ideas.

Layering Necklaces

Ready to soar, tumble and freewheel through an endless diamond sky? Then this Halloween, channel your inner Princess Jasmine. Dress up in an elegant Arabian gown and robe. You can look for Jasmine's outfit in the Disney movie Aladdin. Now accessorize it by layering necklaces that come straight from the land of the Arabian Nights.

Wear the Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry Jasmine arabesque oval pendant necklace in diamonds, Swiss blue topaz, white gold, and yellow gold. Layer it with the Disney yellow gold Jasmine topaz and diamond pendant necklace with dainty drops. Keep some space between the two necklaces, and choose a gown with a deep neck to give maximum exposure to them.

Men too can layer necklaces to slay their Halloween look. They can go bold and dark by layering the Star Wars Fine Jewelry Stormtrooper and In Carbonite unisex pendant necklaces in black diamonds and silver. The black rhodium detailing in the second pendant will enhance the wearer’s Gothic appeal. These necklaces can pair well with an all-black costume. Keep the first two buttons of your shirt open to showcase the necklaces.

Stacking Earrings

Halloween means going dark and Goth. What other than skull jewelry is best for that? Interestingly, you can sport the popular ear stack trend with this design. Wear our sterling silver skull stud earrings in black and white diamonds. Stack them with our white gold and black diamond solitaire studs and white diamond solitaire studs. As you can see, the earrings will diminish in size as they climb up your outer ear. This will give you an ideal graduated ear stack look. You can sport these earrings with a pirate outfit, especially if your Halloween party look is that of Jack Sparrow!

Stacking Rings

Brace yourself! We are going to spirit you away to the galactic universe at warp speed. Jewelili has the most amazing Star Wars Fine Jewelry women's and men's rings that can be stacked for a rocking Halloween look.

Women can wear the costume of the Stormtrooper. Then they can stack the Star Wars rings inspired by the Stormtrooper, Light X Dark, and Guardians of Light. The first and third rings come in black and white diamonds, while the second one is crafted in silver and yellow gold. Together, they strike a bold contrast and look powerful.

We have something for men too. You can stack Star Wars men's rings inspired by the Wookie, the Threepio frame, and the Dark Armor. The tiger eye gemstone in the first ring will steal the show. These rings can be paired with a Wookie costume for men for maximum effect.

Stacking Bracelets

We have some excellent Star Wars Fine Jewelry suggestions if you want to stack bracelets. There are two ways to do so. Both can pair well with a dark Star Wars costume for women.

The first way is to sport bracelets of two different Star Wars themes. These can be the Dagobah women's bracelet in diamonds, sterling silver, and black rhodium and A Jedi's Mark bracelet in white diamonds and silver. One bracelet can be worn on each hand.

The second way is to wear bracelets of two different designs with a common Star Wars theme. For instance, you can stack one Dark Armor women's bracelet in black diamonds and black rhodium with One is intricately encrusted with diamonds throughout. Another is dotted with diamonds along one side of the armor's features. Stack both bracelets on the same hand.

Highlight the Backless with a Backlace

Backlaces go best with backless outfits! So, get a flowy blue gown with a deep, exposed back. It will resemble the gown worn by the popular Disney Princess, Cinderella.

Now combine the art of layering with this style of sporting necklaces. Wear the Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry Cinderella diamond editori necklace that reads “True.” Layer it with the Disney white gold Cinderella slipper diamond pendant necklace. The length of the necklaces should gradually increase to look perfect. The elegant carriage pendant at the bottom will look majestic with those sparkling drops dangling below.

Don't hesitate to explore our other fandom gemstone and diamond jewelry pieces from Disney and Star Wars. You can also check out other bold fashion jewelry pieces from our collection. Pick your faves for yourself and your partner for the Halloween party. As shopping perks, you can enjoy our amazing discounts, affordable prices, free shipping, and 30-day easy returns. Keep shopping at Jewelili!

Some More Sparkle

Can I sport jewelry in another way on Halloween night?

Sure. Another classic yet easy way to style jewelry is to match them. So, pick a fascinating design like the butterfly, the heart, or the twist, and shop for matching necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets in the same design. You can complete your Halloween look perfectly!

Can I twin with my partner to a Halloween party with matching jewelry?

Certainly. Check out our Star Wars unisex pendants and other unisex jewelry like solitaires at Jewelili to twin with your partner this Halloween!