From Casual to Cocktail, 5 Diamond Hoop Earrings That Can Be Worn with Any Outfit!

From the Kardashians to the Hadids, and many other big names, celebrities love to slay in hoop earrings. That’s why this style of earring is always trending. Being minimalistic yet versatile, hoops are the fashion staple of people from all walks of life. It's the versatility that makes these earrings the perfect accessories for a variety of outfits, suited to different occasions. So, here are 5 diamond hoop earrings that can liven up any outfit, from casual to cocktail.

1. Twisted Hoops

Twisted hoops stand out due to their unique design. The entwining veins look graceful and pop if they are studded with gemstones in contrasting colors. Want a similar pair of hoop earrings for women? Then choose the sterling twisted hoop earrings in glittering black and white diamonds.

You can wear them with outfits of any color, since black and white are neutral hues. The hoops will look as stunning with a silk cocktail dress as they would with simple jeans and a tee.

2. Omega Back Hoops

When you try an updo, the back of your earrings can be seen clearly. For earrings that look as beautiful from behind as from the front, choose hoops. A great option is the yellow gold diamond earrings with an omega back. The striking omega sign would give an edge to your look.

Say, you wear a little black backless dress with a high bun. Accessorize your look with these earrings to draw attention to your neck and back. They'll also look great with a messy bun when you sport a street-style look in a casual tee and ripped denim jeans.

3. Inside-Out Hoops

Want a pair of hoops that dazzle both from the inside and out? Then shop for the sterling silver inside-out diamond hoop earrings. This design is marked by an alignment of stones both on the inner and outer surfaces of the earrings. Therefore, even when they swing or turn, they keep sparkling.

Sounds just perfect for a night of dancing, right? Indeed. As you sway your head to the music, your hoops will dazzle from every angle. You can even pair these earrings with an everyday outfit since sterling silver is subtle. Stack them with smaller hoops for a trendy look. A well-stacked set of hoops looks amazing. Stack these with plain hoops for a casual look and with diamond ones for a dressy vibe. Pair these hoops with a small diamond stud in the upper ear for a more formal occasion.

4. Heart Hoops

Imagine a hoop crafted into a line of overlapping golden hearts. Beautiful, right? Then shop for yellow gold diamond hoop earrings in this design. These hoops are perfect if you like to wear large earrings. The yellow metal adds the right contrast to the white diamonds for an elegant look.

Have fun sporting these earrings with outfits in heart prints. But don't hesitate to wear them with other outfits as well, especially those in warm colors. When it comes to a cocktail party, pair the hoops with a shimmery dress with a plunging neckline to add some extra shine.

5. Crossover Hoops

Do you love rose gold or two-tone gold diamond jewelry? Then look for hoops in a special design like the rose gold over sterling silver crossover diamond hoop earrings. If you like J-hoops, you'll be impressed by these earrings.

They can be the right accessories for that crisscross or halter-neck bodycon dress you plan to wear the next time you paint the town red. Keep your hair open but tucked behind your ears to show off these sparkling beauties. You can even pair the hoops with printed outfits. The crisscross design can complement geometrical patterns too.

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Some More Sparkle

Can I stack hoop earrings that I buy from Jewelili?

Surely. You can shop for small hoops from us and stack them together. Alternatively, you can stack large ones with smaller ones towards the top. Either way, you'll look amazing and on trend.

Can I buy other kinds of earrings besides hoops from your website?

Of course! At Jewelili, you can shop for hoops, studs, drops, danglers, solitaire earrings, fashion earrings, gemstone earrings and even earring sets.

Can I find jewelry pieces that match certain hoops on your website?

Yes. Look for them in matching designs like heart, crossover and twist.