5 Types of Outfits You Can Pair Stud Earrings With

The most versatile earrings of all time are studs. You can pair them with almost any type of outfit and look beautiful. Being small and subtle, studs don't snatch the spotlight from your outfit but simply complement it in style. Moreover, both women and men can wear studs, making them a popular gender-neutral fashion accessory. If you love lightweight earrings that sparkle, studs are just right for you. After all, stud earrings are the easiest way to wear diamonds and gemstones daily.

Take a look at 5 types of outfits to pair with stud earrings.

1. Cropped Cardigan

Cropped cardigans have their own fan base, like cropped tops. They come in soft pastel shades, casual neutral shades, or with delicate embroidery. Do you have a cropped cardigan in your wardrobe? Then accessorize it with something equally adorable. Consider our sterling silver dog paw stud earrings in black diamonds. Since the diamonds are black, they can be paired with outfits of any color. The cute appeal of the paw design makes it the perfect accessory for pastel cardigans. Style your outfit as you like, such as wearing a matching cami underneath with flared pants.

2. Sweatpants in Candy Colors

Comfy sweatpants are trending right now. Apart from soft shades like pastels, candy shades or juicy bolds are very popular today. And that's justified. Comfort wear was in huge demand and fashion designers continuously look for ways to make it more transformable from home to office. If you like comfy vivid outfits, you can find suitable studs from us to accessorize your look. For instance, you can pair sweatpants of any color with our yellow gold zirconia multicolored gemstone stud earrings. They will simply pop! Since the studs come in blue and different shades of pink, you can have fun choosing a cropped round-neck top with sweatpants in these colors. You'll look vibrant!

3. Shackets

A shacket is simply a combination of a shirt and a jacket. This outfit is much the rage now, and you can wear it anytime, anywhere. It's not as heavy as a full-on coat and goes well with various types of bottom wear, including denim jeans. Complete your shacket look with our sterling silver V-shape diamond stud earrings. The white diamonds will go well with both printed and solid-colored shackets. The well-defined sharp design of the studs will add a touch of boldness to your fashion statement. And that's exactly what shackets are. Bold!

4. Puff Sleeves

Tops and dresses with puff sleeves are also trending these days. They look graceful and elegant. Therefore, they are also popular as party wear. So, check your wardrobe for a textured ruffle-collared top, a majestic floral dress, or any other outfit with puff sleeves. Consider pairing it with our rose gold heart stud earrings lined with diamonds and containing a heart-cut morganite in the center. The light color of the morganite has a feminine appeal, appropriate for puff sleeves. These earrings pair well with outfits of all colors.

5. Formal Suits

Studs are not just for women. Men love them too. So, if you’re looking for the best way to pair studs with formal wear, choose our yellow gold over sterling silver diamond men's stud earrings. The white diamonds will act as a neutral color for a suit in any color. The cross design of the studs can even complement checkered suits. You'll look sophisticated and classy.

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Some More Sparkle

How to wear stud earrings?

Simply push the backing along the post of a stud towards your earlobe until you have secured the earring properly.

Can I find matching jewelry pieces for stud earrings at Jewelili?

Yes. On our website, you can shop for standalone jewelry pieces that match with stud earrings in trendy designs. Such designs include heart, infinity, paw and more.

Can I shop for any other kinds of earrings besides studs at Jewelili?

Why not? Besides studs, you can shop for drop earrings, danglers, hoops, solitaire earrings, gemstone earrings, fashion earrings and even earring sets on our website.