Summer 2022 Jewelry Trends That Have to be Part of Your Vacation Look

Are you ready to make a personal statement with your accessories this summer? You need to check out the latest trends in jewelry. These trends are inspired by the gorgeous designs showcased on the runways for Spring and Summer 2022. Missed them? No problem. Take a look at the top summer jewelry trends to upgrade your collection. Do you know the best part? You can shop for all these designs at the most affordable rates at Jewelili, right from the comfort of your home.

Nature is the New Theme

Every season brings out a different aspect of the beauty of nature. The same is true for summer. So, this summer, wear nature-inspired jewelry designs like flowers and dragonflies.

Make things interesting by sporting more than one color. To do that with two-tone metal, wear our diamond rose pendant necklace in rose gold and sterling silver. The metals strike a pleasant contrast. To try dual colors in gemstones, choose our sterling silver dragonfly pendant necklace in black and white diamonds. Both will look splendid with dressy outfits.

Go Silver

Although gold gives off a sunny vibe, silver is winning the summer trends game this year. So, go silver this summer. You can do that with nature-inspired jewelry motifs like dragonflies and florals.

For instance, you can wear our sterling silver diamond dragonfly pendant necklace with a silver sequin dress. Likewise, you can wear our sterling silver diamond link bracelet with an elegant tea-length summer dress.

Glow in Gemstones

If you want to stick to nature-based jewelry themes, such as dragonflies and florals, you can also do that with gemstones. For instance, try our sterling silver dragonfly pendant necklace in Swiss blue topaz, opal, and diamonds. The topaz emits a blue glow, while the opal enriches the look with its color play. The diamonds enhance the sparkle of the necklace.

You can also wear multicolored floral accessories. For instance, if you're getting ready for a festive occasion, wear a matching gemstone jewelry set to complete your look. An example can be our sterling silver flower-cut danglers in diamonds and opals with our matching ring. The white diamonds add shimmering details to the milky white opals.

Link It Up

Links are here to stay. The summer runways revealed that. So, feel free to wear single or stacked link bracelets this summer.

Men can wear bold links in a classy design. A good pick can be our yellow gold over sterling silver diamond men's link bracelet with a two-tone metal twist.

Link bracelets for women are crafted in various designs. So, check out our sterling silver fancy love heart link bracelet. The heart links will add a cute, feminine, and dainty feel to your look.

Get Your Hands Cuffed!

Cuff your hands this summer since cuff bangles are all the rage now. Do you like crystals? Then go ahead and wear our sterling silver cuff bangle in clear crystal and white topaz.

The crystal will add to the glow of the white topaz. You can pair the cuff with outfits of any color since the stones have a neutral color.

'B' for Boho, 'B' for Beads

Raise your hand if you love the Bohemian look! Well, Summer 2022 jewelry trends also feature lots of beads. So, wear bead jewelry for the perfect Boho look.

Beads look the best in necklaces. You will know that if you’ve checked out the Boho necklaces Johnny Depp wears in beads, metals, stones, and chains!

For a quirky look, layer bead necklaces. For example, layer our sterling silver garnet bead necklace with our sterling silver smokey quartz bead necklace. Wear them with a grey tee and ripped jeans. This will also create a cool street-style look.

When you shop for summer jewelry, make sure to shop online at Jewelili. We offer the widest collection of trendy designs in different gemstones and metals. We also assure you of the most competitive pricing, with added seasonal discounts. So, upgrade your summer jewelry collection today!

Some More Sparkle

Which gemstones should I choose when I shop for summer jewelry?

You can choose gemstones that are the birthstones for the summer months of June, July, and August. So, you can wear our jewelry pieces featuring pearl, ruby, and peridot. You can also choose bright-colored gemstones like emerald or sapphire to contrast with your cool summery outfits.

Can I wear pet jewelry in summer?

Why not? Your love for animals is true for all seasons, right? So, shop for jewelry designs such as dogs, cats, paws, butterflies, dragonflies, owls, turtles, frogs, doves, seahorses, elephants, dolphins, pandas, and more at Jewelili.