History of Fashion Earrings and Hoop Earrings

Put on your seatbelts, as we are about to take you on a journey of hoops through the centuries and the conspiracies that surrounded them.

Brief History

Did you know that men and women wore hoop earrings more than 4,500 years ago? Ancient civilizations that existed around Mesopotamia and some as old as the Sumerian cultures have had archaeologists surprised by the number of hoops found in historical places of interest. Seen images of African tribes wearing huge hoop earrings? Yes, the people of this continent had hoops in their culture for thousands of years and are still wearing them. People from Greek and Roman civilizations also wore them, and it was not restricted to women.

However, in the Middle Ages, with the onset of the Dark Ages, fashion changed drastically, especially in Europe. High collars and huge hairdos were in vogue. Wearing earrings perhaps died out completely. But it finally made a comeback in the 19th century.

18th Century: Popularity in Europe

These circular earrings were not popular during the industrial revolution, as piercing of the ears was not favored. The style remained popular in Eastern cultures, especially in South Asia, a region colonized by Europeans. So, it was only a matter of time before hoops would take the world by storm in the coming centuries.

1922: Seen in Egypt

What does King Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt have to do with hoop earrings? Everything because this historic discovery led to the rebirth of a culture from the past that rewrote the future for women’s jewelry. Ancient Egyptians left amazing treasures in the tombs. King Tut died young and was one of the richest royals of his time. A lot of jewelry and expensive items were buried with him. Hoop earrings were among these. This influenced the pop culture of the 40s and 50s.

1970s: Coming to America

Wearing hoops became a symbol of women’s empowerment, especially for African American and Hispanic women. Other women also wore round gold hoops. Female musicians of the 70s, both in Europe and the Americas, made it part of their culture. Movies also showed women wearing colorful hoops in a variety of sizes. During the Second World War, women stepped out of their homes for the first time to take care of their families financially, while men went to war. Women came to the forefront to save the American economy. At that time, hoops played a part in symbolizing the independence of women.

1980s: Breaking Gender Barriers

Hoop earrings became more and more popular for women across the world through the 80s and 90s. It is hard to find a female music icon who has never worn hoops in their music videos from the 80s to the present. While you think of all the women wearing hoops, a lot of men started wearing small metallic hoop earrings because the idea of clip-on earrings without piercing also came into being.

Over time, the design and style of hoops have changed. They are now studded with gemstones or interlocking metal rings and more. But diamond hoop earrings have been an eternal choice. They come in multiple sizes and choices of metals, such as sterling silver, white, yellow or rose gold, and more. If you buy diamond hoop earrings online, make sure to choose a trusted retailer, such as Jewelili, as we offer a certificate of authenticity for all our gemstones. This means you will receive exactly what you pay for.