Layering jewelry refers to wearing multiple jewelry pieces in a layered way. This adds depth and boldness to your look. You usually need to keep a few things in mind when layering jewelry. In the case of jewelry like necklaces and earrings, the result should be a graduated effect. Another point to note is that while you experiment with metals, gemstones, and designs, keep one of the elements the same to strike harmony. Here’s how to layer various gemstone and diamond jewelry for women and men.

Layering Necklaces

A choker is a great way to start a graduated layered look for diamond pendant necklaces. It can act as the shortest necklace. For instance, put on our sterling silver diamond black leather cord necklace. Then layer it with our sterling silver diamond cross pendant necklace since it's longer than the choker. The sleek necklace will also offset the thick choker. The common element will be the white metal.

If you want to try something other than a choker to start layering with, you can choose a broad pendant necklace. An example is our sterling silver diamond love cutout pendant necklace. You can layer it with our sterling silver heart key pendant necklace with diamond accents. Here, the common elements are sterling silver and the theme of love.

Stacking Earrings

This is yet another way to layer gemstone/diamond jewelry for women and men. Layered gemstone or diamond earrings are called an ear stack. Studs are best for this look. As they climb up the ear, they should ideally reduce in size. Both women and men can try this style.

Women can start their ear stack with our white gold studs in rubies and diamonds. Follow them up with our yellow gold red zirconia studs and our white gold white diamond stud earrings.

Like women, men can also layer diamond and gemstone jewelry with an ear stack. For instance, you can stack our sterling silver hexagonal diamond studs with our white gold black diamond solitaire studs and our smaller white diamond solitaire studs. The ear stack will create a stylish monochrome look.

Stacking Rings

This is the third way to layer gemstone/diamond jewelry pieces for women and men. Stack rings for an edgy look. For something graceful, consider stacking our sterling silver blue sapphire teardrop ring with our sterling silver ruby teardrop ring, both lined with diamonds. You can wear them on the same or different fingers. Here, the teardrop would be the common design.

You can even stack three diamond rings. These can be single-line diamond bands in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Thus, you can create a tri-tone gold ring stack. The common feature would be the single line of diamonds in each band. Again, you can sport the rings on different or the same finger.

Stacking Bracelets

Like earrings and rings, you can also stack bracelets. This is the last way to layer diamond and gemstone jewelry pieces for women and men.

To make things easy, you can simply go for our 3-piece set of diamond bracelets. It includes our sterling silver diamond infinity bracelet, our sterling silver diamond twist bracelet, and our diamond heart bracelet in rose gold and sterling silver. The common presence of sterling silver would balance your look. Wear the bracelets in one hand in a slightly loose fit for a casual appeal.

Less is more when it comes to statement jewelry pieces. The same applies to statement gemstone bracelets. You can stack our sterling silver bolo bracelet in ruby and white sapphire with our sterling silver bolo bracelet in emerald and white sapphire. The alternating color combination with white stones would be the common aspect. Since these bracelets are two, you can sport one each in each hand or wear both on the same hand. Keep the fit snug or loose by adjusting the bolo clasp.

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Some More Sparkle

Can I buy matching diamond and gemstone jewelry for women?

Sure. You can shop for readymade jewelry sets or choose standalone pieces in a similar design.

On which occasions can I gift diamond and gemstone jewelry pieces?

You can gift our diamond and gemstone jewelry to your loved ones on their birthdays, graduation ceremonies, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Promise Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and more. The gifting purpose can also be a "just because" gesture.

What are some blunders to avoid while layering jewelry items?

One of the biggest blunders to avoid is layering multiple statement jewelry items together. They will simply clash against each other. Another blunder that you can easily avoid is using different gemstones together. If you want to keep ruby as the star, avoid adding other gemstones in the mix.