Top Reasons to Wear May Birthstone Jewelry

Emerald is a valuable gemstone, just like sapphires and rubies. Its vivid green hue gives the gemstone an aura of tranquility and royalty. When used in jewelry, emeralds make for precious wedding anniversary gifts and portray the evergreen bond of the couple.

Most importantly, Emerald is the birthstone of May. In this regard, the green gemstone reminds us of spring, nature, and much more. However, it transcends these connotations due to its versatility. So, here are the main reasons why you should wear emerald jewelry.

Has Deep Symbolism

As the May birthstone, emerald symbolizes spring, new beginnings, life, rejuvenation, rebirth, renewal, and Mother Earth herself. It's believed to bring prosperity to the wearer's life and relationships. According to mythology, emerald is the stone of Venus. Therefore, it also depicts boundless love, romance, and passion. In fact, the May birthstone was believed to help discover the truth of lovers' vows.

Legends and ancient folklore say that emeralds can bestow foresight on the wearer. The gem is also thought to ward off evil, improve intuition, cure ailments and prevent memory loss.

So, if you're a Taurus or Gemini, bejewel yourself in May birthstone jewelry, such as our emerald halo necklace. You'll be channeling the myriad symbols and beliefs that the gemstone signified for centuries.

Comes in a Vibrant Color

There are several green gemstones, including green sapphire, green diamond, peridot, and jade. But emerald is the most sought-after green gem. It has a distinct and vibrant color that makes it a rare beauty. So, even if you wear a simple emerald birthstone solitaire pendant necklace and studs, you can still make a statement effortlessly.

From where does emerald receive its color? Traces of vanadium and/or chromium in the stone give it a unique green color. As the May birthstone and a depiction of spring, the stone comes in the most appropriate hue.

Has Rich Historical Significance

Around the same time that Medieval rulers in the West coveted the gemstone, the Mughal Emperors of India regarded emeralds as talismans that offered divine protection. The oldest emeralds found are almost 2.9 billion years old. The first known use of this gemstone traces back to nearly 330 BC and was mined in Ancient Egypt. Later, the Romans and Greeks wore emeralds as jewelry.

In North America, the gemstone was first discovered in 1997 in the Yukon Territory. The Spanish discovered them in South America when they invaded the region in the 16th century. They traded the gemstone across Asia and Europe for prized metals. Thus, the rest of the world was introduced to emeralds.

So, when you simply wear an emerald birthstone teardrop necklace, you'll be wearing jewelry of great historical significance.

Looks Resplendent and Fashionable

If you look at the vibrant color and brilliant sparkle of emeralds, you'll know that they're one of the most resplendent gemstones in the world. Add this resplendence to your look in the form of an emerald birthstone necklace, ring, bracelet, or earrings.

Moreover, emerald jewelry in modern designs is trendy. Long ago, Cleopatra made the gemstone one of her favorites. Now it is a favorite on the red carpet for celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone, and Taylor Swift. You can also slay in green by choosing emerald jewelry in a trendy design. An ideal example is our sterling silver cross pendant necklace in emerald and white sapphire.

Is Not Just for May-Borns

Now that you see the significance and versatility of emeralds, it's clear that it's not just a May birthstone but so much more. Therefore, not only those born in May but anyone can bejewel themselves in emerald jewelry.

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Some More Sparkle

Can I buy a matching May birthstone jewelry set?

If you want to take away the fuss of having to mix-and-match jewelry items to pair with each other, a jewelry set makes sense. A May birthstone jewelry set can add a generous pop of green colour to a monotonous look.

How to style an emerald birthstone necklace?

You can style an emerald birthstone necklace can look on an outfit in black, red, yellow, grey or white color.